• I support it

    As the world is globalised I think there is no need ofthinking about it but even in this year of2019 also some of the schools are separating boys and girls till now and showing gender discrimination but if we allow boys and girls to sit beside them they will be habituated to talk and how to respect girls and it will be also very useful at time of job because it is 21 St centuary many of the boys don't know how to talk with girls and they are suffering at the time of jobs so I say that school is the platform for children to develop so schools should inculcate that they should not show gender discrimination for this reason I support this debatea

  • Yes! Of course!

    Yes, What kind of question is this you sexist person! Honestly what in the world were you thinking. This would most likely lead to siblings being separated and lots of online dating because you would never ever meet someone unless your lesbian or gay and no I am not saying lesbian or gay is wrong!

  • I don't see why they need to be separated.

    I just honestly can't think of a single reason why kids need to be separated for any reason. I mean it's 2019. Do we really need to segregate kids based on gender? Sounds silly to me. I mean there are coed dorms in college that seem to work just fine.

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