• Sure, Why Not?

    I don't understand why we still have "boy teams" and "girl teams." It just reminds me of the 1800's, where girls were basically just... "seen and not heard." They didn't play sports at all back then. But luckily we live in a time when girls can play sports without being thought of as strangely-masculine. Back the the point... Boys can be cheerleaders with the girls. So why can't girls be team-players with the boys? I say they're allowed.

  • Girls can play on boys teams.

    Girls are allowed to play on boys but not the other way around. That is discrimination. Feminist movements are popular but what about masculism. No one is standing up for male rights these days and they need to be recognized. Feminists only want progress where females are lesser but do not want to lower the level where females are superior and have advantage.

  • Of course! And vice-versa

    Usually also men do not care to join girls' teams because they are underfunded and usually not watched and a male losing to a female is for some reason considered shameful. This is the result of the sexist society in which we live. That being said, I think it would be great for males to join female teams. Besides their most extreme, radical members, feminists are almost always in favor of equality for everyone.

    Posted by: kbub
  • Boy are?

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  • Sts-2 sts-3 sts-4

    A boy can play on girls' teams if there is no equivalent boys' teams or the boy is facing social problems in the boys' teams. Otherwise the boy should play for the boys' teams. MY ARGUMENT HAS FINISHED AND I don't HAVE! ^ MOE WORDS FOR YOU! IVE SAID IT! I don't HAVE # MORE WORDS!

  • Everyone should be equal

    I don't comprehend how girls are forcing the rights to be on the same teams as men but then if a guy wants to play on a girls team, he's not allowed to. Is that not a double standard? Isn't that what feminazis hate? But isn't that what is going on right here? If girls can play on guys team, guys should be given the option to play on girls teams.

  • A Matter of Strength

    In children's younger years you will see boys and girls playing on sports teams together, and that is simply because there is no strength difference between gender, only age. As a child grows older, however, the difference in strength between males and females becomes quite obvious. This does not mean to imply that a girl can not be as strong or stronger than a boy, but that the higher presence of testosterone in the body of males makes them naturally stronger. A girl playing on a boy team is there because she is stronger than the other girls, and possibly stronger than the boys. A boy playing on a girls team is there... Why? As pointed out before, males are the naturally stronger gender due to testosterone, so how is it justifiable that a male would step down a level(In terms of strength, not play) to play on a female team?

  • Girls are turds

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  • Not healthy for either gender

    Boys are naturally more aggressive and athletic, so a boy on a girls' team would immediately become the leader and it might be less fun for some of the girls. And if its a sport with no teams for boys, then boys shouldn't play that sport at all. Girls would have more fun playing against each other. WIth a boy on the team they might try to flirt with him or not play as hard so as to not hurt his feelings.

  • They are physically different

    Whoever thinks boys should be allowed on girls teams fail to realize that both gender teams have been separated and divided since the beginning of proffesional sport, and with good reason too. It's not just a matter of strength, the two genders are STRUCTURALLY different. If you look closely, their bone and muscle structures are slightly different. Although the differences seem very small and not able to affect the outcome of a sport, they really make a difference. To make the game as fair as possible, the genders must be separated. Its not discrimination, but maintaining equity in sports.

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