• We should also outlaw rain.

    Boys, like rain, are a nuisance to society. They cause nothing but trouble and are only good for killing spiders and fixing cars. However, the increase in feminism shows that now girls can kill spiders and fix cars too, so the existence of males will no longer be necessary in the near future once feminism REALLY takes off. Outlaw boys immediately!!

  • Certain male traits should be.

    While boys in general can't reasonably be outlawed, because they are needed for any society's survival, or at least for the production of male sex gametes, everything that typifies masculinity really does none of them or society any good anymore and only causes more problems than its worth. It may be more expedient to work on outlawing certain boyish pastimes that reinforce roles that render them unnecessary and even shorten their existence on their own and focus on teaching boys to follow the examples of more evolved males.

  • Why is this a topic?

    We should outlaw boys because they are evil!! I'm kidding. Could outlawing boys even be possible? As "sad" as it may seem boys are essential. They help reproduce and open pickle jars! I'm only commenting because I found this topic comical. But, being a feminist, I do think boys and girls should be equal so if outlawing boys were to happen wouldn't that be hypocritical? Why don't we all just be treated the same as humans instead of having stereotypical categories such as: girls, boys, black, white, gay, straight. No matter if you have two XX or a X and a Y chromosome or your skin pigment is darker than another we are all the same on the inside.

  • Boys should not be outlawed

    Why would we ever want to outlaw boys, for any reason whatsoever? Did boys somehow do something that justifies this kind of action? Just because we were born with a certain chromosome does not mean we deserve such behavior. Our genes do not make us who we are as a person, our actions are what define us.

  • In fact we should protect the existence of boys

    Some science suggests though some suggests otherwise that boys may naturally disappear from shrinkage of the Y chromosome. If that is indeed happening just for the sake of holding together the traditional way of having boys exist the human race should systematically alter our genetics so this doesn't happen. We have learned a lot about genetics and this should be doable in time.

  • Trying to do one up on mitt romney, are we??

    60% of all births are boys, who we are being told are of little value in todays' economy. That sounds eerily similar to romneys' 47% rant, only this time its 60%. OTOH, we prolly do need to act to even out the 3:2 birth ratio, since surplus male populations have been known to fuel domestic terrorism, as witness the nien rebellion in mid 19th century china; and that was with a much smaller gender imbalance than what we have now.

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