• Teach them to be self sufficient

    I live in a house with only boys and a backward father from Albania who tells them that doing chores will turn them into wusses. So I have to do all the work plus a full time job. Now when my boys leave the house they will not know how to do anything for themselves. They will be eating at McDonalds every meal getting fat and unhealthy. They won't know how to do their own laundry either. And when they bring it home I will let it sit there until it is time for them to return to their own homes. I'm so tired of ungrateful spoiled entitled males. Oh yes and we are divorced now, which will also happen to my boys if they don't stop being so selfish.

  • It's a good skill to learn

    I'm a girl and I don't see why boys being in a kitchen is such a bad thing. It's a good skill for them to learn. As stated above, many of the best chefs are male. Just look at Bobby Flay! Anyway, I feel that maybe not everyone likes to cook or is a culinary genius, but they should know at least the basics of cooking. Some meals are very easy to prepare.

  • Yes they should.

    There is nothing about females that makes them more adept at cooking than males. There is no "cooking lobe" in the female brain.

    Many of the greatest chefs in this world are male.

    In some cultures, like Europe, men and boys cooking is actually the norm. It's a survival skill. Us guys must learn to cook. There won't always be a woman to do it for us.

  • Boys should learn to fix things up in the kitchen

    When we hear of kitchen work or household chores in general, we often think that women are liable to it. As a result, boys would not do the work, even making them believe that doing such would be a disgrace for their virility. Practically speaking, doing household chores require the use of much force. Boys are physically said to be stronger than girls. So therefore, household chores should be part of their liabilities as it involved strength and extra forces. Another thing is, everyone (either boys or girls) should help in doing kitchen works thereby avoiding indolence and dependency to others.

  • Boys are no less adept than women.

    I am a boy and love to work in the kitchen. I use cooking as a stress relief. (I work retail and need something.) I do not however live alone but am happily married me and my wife take turns and it is by my request not hers. She can do some things I can't and vice-versa. I could however do those things with practice and same goes for her. We live in a society of equality supposedly so why not here too?

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