• Cooking is good for all

    Boys start cooking when they get inspired from famous celebrity chefs like Sanjiv Kapoor and Ranbir Barar. If they want to live single even without their parents they will gradually. My father has interest in cooking so he knows how to make tea , maggi , sandwiches and many more.

  • Boys should learn to cook

    If a man is single, he cant rely on someone else. Everyone deserves the
    education like every else. Boys and girls are the same species and are the same humans. They may have differences but that doesn't have to be a huge problem. Every has their own differences. Peace out!

  • You can't always have ready made food

    Women aren't going to stick around forever, men need to learn how to cook for themselves and be independent. Also some men do not live with their partners and they cannot just rely on oily chinese takeaways everday. Cooking is simple and easy and is meant for men and women.

  • Both Boys and Girls Should Cook

    'Neither feminism or sexism will help when you're hungry'. In other words, make your own damn food. Don't expect someone else to make it for you because you are a boy, and don't refuse to cook food because you're a feminist who's 'better than that'. It's easy. There's sandwiches (literally throw bread together), salads (lettuce and literally anything else dammit), even takeaways - you don't even have to cook in this world, just pick up the phone! But here are some tips, for boys who refuse to cook: 1. It's easy money. Like, really easy. Find a recipe online - there are heaps - throw that shit together and sell it at your local markets. Easy moolah. 2. Health - boys, if you cook, it can be anything. Don't depend on your gf or wife to serve 'healthy' recipes. There are cakes, chocolates, desserts, bacon (mmm)... I can already feel my heart giving away. 3. It is fun!! Talk about licking the cake bowl, making up new recipes, dancing to music while you cook... Don't miss out on a good time because just because you hate women and think they should always cook! In conclusion, EVERYONE should cook - and the rising bread dough will take over the world!!

  • Yes, why not?

    If men and women are being equalised in every field nowadays then why not in cookery as well?
    If women are being given the opportunity to stand on their own, then why should men and hence boys be dependent on women for something as trivial as cooking?
    I think that boy should learn how to cook not only to show that they are independent of women but so that they can feed themselves whenever they are found alone at home or even abroad.

  • Of course, equality is when men and women are treated the same. So men should learn cookery as well.

    Most people think that men should work in their offices, their place is outside and all. If so, why one of the well-known chefs is a man? Why one of the well-known businessmen is, in fact, a woman. I think that men and women should be given their opportunities in all fields. If they are good at that or want to do that, so why not? Learning cookery is something that should be taught to everyone without any exception. If women are being given the opportunity to stand on their own, then men should be as well.
    Whenever men are left alone or abroad, they should be able to cook. Why shall they wait for another person when they could cook better and more professionally?

  • Boys Should Learn Cooking Definately

    People have made stereotypes in thinking that only girls should cook they think cooking is something that is mostly associated with girls. By the time a girl enters adolescence, she is expected to learn all the skills of cookery. Gone is the time when education was just for boys and girls were expected to sit at home and do all the chores and cook for the husband. Now as far as I know, girls and boys are equal. Then why should boys not learn to cook? First and foremost being able to cook is a lifetime skill. Having learned to cook, a person need not fear that if he goes hungry if there is no one around to cook for him .A boy who can cook has many advantages over one who cannot. If he is a latchkey kid, he does not have to buy food for himself each time he wishes to fill his stomach. Instead, he can easily whip up something simple yet nutritious at home. Gaining knowledge is not bad and everything which we learn today will certainly benefit us tomorrow. So for boys to learn cooking is extremely good. In this rapidly increasing world learning to cook becomes necessary. Many times boys have to go far away from their family in case of better education, better earnings, etc. So if they know cooking they can prepare their own food and does not have to depend on others for their food. If their parents are gone on a trip and there is nobody who can cook food for them then they or their parents doesn’t have to worry about; who will cook food; where to eat, whether in restaurant or at relatives house; what to eat, etc. If boys know cooking then they can avoid eating at restaurants by which they may get disease like food poisoning or in near future like heart attacks, diabetes, etc. The necessity for boys to learn cooking in this modern world is realized by the people now. As studies are very important in our life and career, similarly cooking is also important which boys should understand. Many great chefs like Vikas Khanna, Sanjiv Kapoor etc had made cooking their occupation and they are very successful, they host cooking shows, have their own restaurants etc. Cooking doesn’t seem to be very important for boys in their life because most of the times what is worth most are least valued

  • Boys should need to learn cooking

    Yeah hello I am here need Na say that the boys are needed to learn cooking defiantly because the first point
    . The boys should learn cooking so when they are out of station they could cook their own food
    . They are needed to learn because every time they eat junk food so when they are good cookers they could make their favourite food on their own

    than you
    11+ age

  • Ofcourse, men should cook.

    Actually, we cook with our hands, our hands are controlled by the cerebellum, the information in cerebellum is sent by the cerebrum, and cerebrum is a part of the brain, and the brain is the same for both women and men! Then WHY should only women cook? Both women and men should cook. This will discourage the practice of societal gender-roles, gender-bonds and gender-norms. FEMINISM.

  • Don't ignore this words

    Yes, it is good because the 1st situation is given right boys should learn to cook in other country your mother is not come to cook food only you can self cook and eat no one is come and give food so, i am in favor of boys should learn to cook

  • Awesome thoughts !!

    Yes boy should learn to cook bcoz its not always a woman's work to cook.::::; boys and girls should be equally treated . In fact it will help the boys out in the world when no one
    Will be there to cook and they have to cook them self .

  • NO they shouldn't.

    No. A man 's place is out in the shed, or mowing the lawn, or taking the bins out. The only time a man should come into a kitchen is when the sink wants unblocking.I am completely against the statement because cooking should not be limited to boys only and both genders should know how to cook.
    It clearly will increase job opportunities and professionals in the cooking industry.

    Posted by: kkc
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  • Boys shouldn't learn cooking

    As it will distort the equilibrium of a regular life. Women are supposed to cook so that men can handle their jobs but if they have to do both it will make their life a lot more stressful and if they decide to leave their work in order to do the household chores then women would have to work.

  • They shoul learn cooking not only girls because it will be impartiallity.

    Cooking is somethibg that is mostly associated with girls .By the time I was thinking that a girl enters adolescence,she is expectedvto learn the skills of cookery.Why is cooking neccessity for girls?Gone is the time when education was just for boys and girls were expected?All are equal so boys should also learn to cook. Thank you

  • Boys should not cook

    I strongly believe that boys should not cook .
    I believe that boys are not ment for cooking .Yes I know that most of the boys in our country are cook but not in our homes. Boys who cook food cook for their passion ,for their dream and for their interest in the hobby of cooking and they are limited in number. But in households girls use to cook food not the boys
    And as we no that ordinary people are more than extraordinary one . So from my opinion ion boys cook are limited than girl because most of the boys are not capable of handling cooking .

  • Boys should not learn to cook

    The boys are stronger than girls and boys are going outside for work
    and when they need to learn cooking the boys should work inside the
    house also but girls will not go for work outside and they will sit and sleep inside the house and even when boys are cooking they need to serve food for girls

  • Boys should not cook

    Boys have other work not only cooking,such as outside work.If boys cook then why girls in this world better they no need to born in this world.Boys should carrying things outside not cook.Boys cooking is really stupid.Boys are stronger than girls,but girls are not so strong .Boys no need such easy work.

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