• Boys locker privacy

    Its awkward having other boys watching you while you dress out. It is a coaches decision to have them dress out in unprivate locker rooms as being a sixth grader I was nervous about it and then the lockers are so tiny that they are smooshed together .... TOUCHING.. .

  • Abuse & hazing too easy

    With so many incidents reported of locker room rapes and hazing, why do we continue to subject boys to this? America is all about privacy and rights over your own body, but boys are supposed to act like showering together isn't uncomfortable? Even small plastic privacy walls on the sides would be better, even if the school wouldn't agree to a complete privacy. It is an aspect of our culture that doesn't seem inline with other social norms.

  • Some boys are more private than others

    Many boys couldn't care less and get changed with any other person that they know in the same room. Some boys however, are different and want privacy. Just because some boys are OK with it, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't respect the wishes of other people. I personally am OK getting changed as long as I know the people that are in there.

  • Its no big deal

    We're all boys so its ok. Just change clothes some kids don't care at all so you shouldn't care too much either. After a few times it feels normal even if your scared at first. Even to take a shower is ok too a lot of boys or some boys do and there ok with it to even be naked to other boys can see you but there all in your school so its ok.

  • Confidence, Team building, Bonding

    First off, nobody is watching you while you change. Trust me. Dressing in the locker room gives teams bonding experiences and it lets kids be more comfortable around other people. Instead of saying "EW NAKED PEOPLE GROSS" try to just treat it as a normal thing and maybe you won't be so awkward. Locker rooms aren't going anywhere.

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