• Why can't ?

    Girls should definitely go in to boy sports team, because it is not fair that girls can't join. What if you have just stopped a future champion? Getting medals for our country. Some girls are very sporty and they want to join but people just don't want her to join all because she is a girl !!!

  • Girls are as good as boys. Maybe even better.

    I play soccer and softball all the time and I always get hurt but not because there are boys but because it is part of the sport. And girls are just as strong as boys. There is nothing that a boy can do that a girl cant do. That is a fact. I play soccer and broke my foot and I didn't stop playing in that same game with a broken foot I scored a goal and ran the whole time. I would like to see a boy do that without complaining.

  • Are we still sexist in the 21 century

    Today you will find no country team with a girl playing on it. If you can name me one with boys and girls I am ready to vote for no but unfortunately you might never find one. Are we really still this sexist. I find that women should have the right to play on mixed gender teams. They want to play let them. Its their choice. They should know the danger of the sport they chose to play.

  • Modern Generation gender

    In the Medieval age, girls couldn't do anything. These days, things are different. Girls are now strong as boys. Of course, sports like football would be taking it too far, but boys should be able to play most sports without a problem. Even if someone says they have an unfair advantage, the other team has it too, evening out the playing field.

  • Yes they should.

    I feel that girls should play on boys sports teams, so it would only be fair if boys can also play on girls sports teams. Unfortunately, in today's society, this is not very accepted. Even more so than girls playing on boy's teams. The boy would likely be made fun of.

  • Mixed Teams Are Fine

    I believe it is fun to play sports on mixed gender teams, but I also like the fact that we have teams and leagues separated by gender. I believe it is fair to have both options and I believe it is fine for women to play sports with men. The only problem with it, as far as professional sports, is there is not yet a mixed gender sports league.

  • We are all equal

    If we had all this business on gender equality then why shouldn't we be able to play sports together. There is always a big push for girls to play on boys soccer teams. If they played together then you will get more of a mixture of teams and we might feel more equal.

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  • 100% absolutely yes

    I my self play America football and I worked so hard to get on the team I’m on today (a boys team) it took me 3 years to get on a team that didn’t care I was a girl and just let me play football. I think every girl/ women should have the opportunity to play a sport they love and not be restricted by their gender. Also many people made the argument that boys are stronger which I completely disagree with I’m stronger and tougher then most of the boys on my team.

  • Why not play girl sport?

    Boys should be able to play on girls teams because WHY CAN'T THEY
    Boys should definitely go in girl sport because it is not fair that they always have to play soccer, rugby and other boy sport. After the change boys will be allowed to try out for girl sport, such as Cheerleading netball and other girl sport

  • Girls should not be able to play on boys teams!

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  • Different body structure

    Boys have more body fat and can withstand more things, and from what I have seen boys take it way more seriously. Girls are still good at sports, not saying anything against that. I just don't want anyone to get injured. So ya that is what I say. Like or not

  • Is it a mixed team or no??

    If it is a girls team, only girls same goes for boys teams-- i am perfetly fine with mixed teams but if I sign up for a girl team only like "sign up for girls soccer!" then i would be weirded out if ther was a random guy there-- sometimes i just want to be around girls and im sure guys feel the same way PS ITS NOT WHETHER OR NOT GIRLS SHOULD BE ON GUYS TEAMS ITS HE OPPOSITE READ THE TITLE

  • It is not fair for the girls and boys.

    There are many sports associations for just girls and for just boys. However girls are permitted to play in the boys association but the boys aren't allowed in the girls. The coach may treat the girls differently and go easy on them. In the case of hockey there may be 1 or 2 girls on a team of boys but they get a change room all to their selfs and 10 boys are in another. Finally girls get bullied by the boys because the boys don't want them on the team.

  • No, keep them separate

    Boys and girls are anatomically different. Boys and girls have different bodies/ builds. Boys are stronger in some areas, whilst girls are better in some areas. It would be stupid for boys and girls to play on the same sports team because of their physical differences. Boys and girls are not equal.

  • No. I do not believe boys should play on girls' sports teams.

    No. I do not believe boys should play on girls' sports teams, because boys are far more superior athletically than girls are. It would simply not be fair to the girls. Boys need to compete with boys, and girls need to compete with girls. That is the most fair policy to have .

  • No, boys should not play on girls' sports teams.

    Boys should not be allowed to join in girl sports. The same is true for girls joining boys sports teams. There is an athletic advantage to being a male. This advantage prevents boys from being able to join a girls sports team and participate fairly. It is bad for the moral of the girls.

  • Sports teams should be separate

    I do not believe that sports teams should be co-educational. There are some natural differences that exist between boys and girls that are of a physical nature. These differences further lead to the physicality involved when participating in athletic activity. Combining boys and girls can only lead to problems in which the boys' participation would be potentially seen as being "too rough on the girls". For this reason, and out of all due deference to feminism, I do sincerely believe that keeping sports teams segregated on the basis of sex is best for both sexes in the end.

  • Depends on the physicality of the sport.

    There are many sports in the world. There is football, basketball, soccer, baseball, etc. However, there is a huge gap between the physical strength between men and women. For instance, in wrestling, men fight men and women fight women. But would you what a man fighting a woman. Sometimes that woman might be bigger than a particular man, but in majority cases, the man is likely favored to win. However, that wouldn't be fair.

  • It depends on the sport they play

    It is undeniable that there usually has a gap between a boy and a girl and in some sports require strength, it is unfair for girls playing against their male opponents. However, in some sports like ping pong, badminton which does not require very much physical strength, it is more suitable and greatly fun if they can play together. Of course there are some ways to put 2 both teams have girls and boys, however, if there is a collision happen, that girl absolutely suffer the pain more than the boy

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