Should bras and exposing shorts be worn by amateurs

Asked by: Lovecharm
  • Of course, don't blame the victim

    So what if it's "distracting men"? By saying this you become no better than idiots who blame rape victims for being too provocative. We shouldn't be teaching women, especially teens in the crucial stages of development, to cover up their bodies because it is shameful. We should instead be telling men (and women, too) to be more disciplined and to not act on their lust purely because it's there.

  • This is the 21st century

    Every one should be able to wear what they want. If a girl can't go out of her house in shorts without men giving her looks then what has our world come to. I do think there is a point were you draw the line though. There is a difference between wearing simply a braw under a shirt and some shorts then wearing booty shorts and and like a ban doe. Although girls should be able to wear what ever without getting gross looks.

  • Of course they should

    Everyone has rights . Everyone wears wat they wants. This shoul not be done if they are in a dictatorship country. Everyone should have a opportunity to please themselves . Me no tink say if me did one amateur me wouldn't wear dis . It would be a sin if I didn't wear an underwear so

  • We must be modest

    We should wear clothes that cover our shoulders, the whole torso and to the knees and must be loose. Only our head,neck,arms,hands,legs and toes will be expose. Modest clothes are loose and more comfortable and immodest are not. Immodest clothes may cover the whole body but tight such as scuba diving suit and may be loose but exposing the part of the torso or very short such as loose mini dress and cocktail dress.

  • Amateurs wearing bras and exposing shorts will be distracting to most people.

    It does not make sense to wear this ensemble if it's so distracting. If it evokes inappropriate thought and feelings in a large number of people, it should be publicly banned. Sure these people could wear this in the comfort of their own home, at a party or event that encourages this kind of dress, or at their own risk, but should avoid doing so when there are other people around.

    This could be like asking if any kind of kid could wear a flaming bathing suit under a jacket. They can't pull that off and not be reprimanded by an authority figure or professional/master flaming bathing suit under jacket wearer.

  • Do not underestimate the power of sexual attraction and the corruption it can cause.

    First of all just because a country has rules does not mean that it is a dictatorship. When a teenage girl wears short shorts her thoughts and a lot of men's thoughts would start revolving around sex which is a huge distraction from the real important things in life. This is a problem for teenagers who are in a crucial and emotional stage in their life.

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