• Yes they should!

    Without labelling me as the illiterate football fan, Brazil is the spiritual home of football bring the worlds best teams hisorically and winnig the cup on a number of occasions. Football being without morals as a sport should be seen as such. When politics is brought into th beutiful game this opens the door for further manipulaation and bribery that is already inherent within fifa. And as shown by the boost in quarterly figures after London a large International event like this should be seen as a government economic investment, therefore the cup is good for the people in Brazil in the longterm.

  • Development and Investment

    The Taboo topic has several factors and is a really complex issue. The government should have invested the money in the people but surely the government would have evaluated the expenditure? The investment in stadiums was large. But, Services such as healthcare and infrastructure would have improved for the games and this is likely to be sustained. Also the local economy would have benefited from visitors spending and the direct investment from the government would have likely been matched by international investors. Furthermore the fact that Brazil is a newly emerging country (a BRIC) surely means that this economy boost would be majorly beneficial!

  • Yes they should

    This is because they didn't do anything to anyone and every country should get a chance to have the world cup there. Imagion you were in the Brazilian people's shoes. Hoe would you feel if the world cup was not held your place- your country- give them a chance- what did they do wrong......
    NOTHING! :)

  • Yes they should

    Brazil should host the 2014 World Cup. Soccer is a big thing the in culture of Brazil, and there will be a huge turn out. Brazil has not hosted the World Cup for some time now, and they deserve to host the World Cup again. Brazil has not done anything wrong that should prevent that from happening.

  • Yes they should.

    Brazil should host the 2014 World Cup because they truly define soccer. They are brilliant at the sport and when people think of the word soccer they frequently think of Brazil. This would be good for Brazil's tourism as well. There is no good reason that I can think of for them not hosting the 2014 World Cup.

  • Brazil should not host the olympics

    Brazil should not host the Olympics because it has been reported that there is occurence of zika virus. Going to Brazil to watch the Olympics, means contacting zika virus. Some may argue that, it is the fear of not contacting zika virus, that makes them not to attend. Anyone who says this, is ignorant about the virus and it is ignorance that has lead some people to their grave, prematurely.

  • A Sporting Event Over People's Wellfare?

    Yes the World Cup hasn't been hosted by Brazil in a long time, but for a good reason! The extreme poverty, social inequality, unsafe housing, no health care, filthy streets, unclean water, food scarcity, bad transportation, sewer system erosions, pollution, and unemployment could have been helped by the money that Brazil is spending on a Sports Event. Not to mention the housing displacement and lives lost building the stadiuam. Tourisim is incresing, but all in all, most of the money goes to FIFA. Not the Brazilian People. The Opinions in the Yes coloum say that its apart of the culture to play Soccer. Does that mean in the United Kingdom they should displace hundreds of people, and use tax money to build a new Soccer stadium there too? Isn't Soccer apart of their culture too? Brazil did nothing wrong to get this honer at first, but now I'm not so sure they even deserve to hold the Cup if they treat there people like that. Thank yoy for reading this. I'm sorry if I offended you, and I understand that not all Brazil live in those situations.

  • Poverty there is still large

    Brazil is known for both its extravagant carnivals and its poor shanty town communities. By hosting the world cup thousands of pounds is being spent on a stadium when it could be going to a much better cause, saving people from poverty. Proper housing could be build with that money for the poorer people, not spent on a few week long tornament.

  • The cost is too high

    Whilst people are living in extreme poverty the Brazilian government have thrown away around 8 million pounds. It seems they don't care about the lives of those inhabiting the favelas. This not to mention the many casualties in the building process of the stadium. Should all these lives be thrown away?

  • AKA Money Money

    People will be pushed out of their homes to make way for shiny stadiums. Instead of helping the people their, they want to make money of them. There is so much death and starvation there, Why won't they help them? Because they are a big corporation and their only interest is money.

  • The cost of hosting

    Brazil is throwing a lot of money into new stadiums and new facilities to support the numerous football matches of the world cup. The responses in the 'Yes' column seem to be ignorant of the impact of this cost on its economy. Specifically speaking, the huge levels of starvation and poverty that exist in Brazil as a result of the cost of these facilities. Despite Brazilian culture being so commonly associated with football, the people should ALWAYS come first and its Government fails to recognize that.

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