• Yes they should cover up

    Indecent exposure is an arrestable offence. We aren't allowed to walk nude, wee, poo, or have sex in public places so why tolerate breastfeeding? All those acts are equally natural and yet we still ban them.

    Breastfeeding is disgusting and especially so if I'm trying to eat myself. Puts me off my food. Use public toilets and your own homes.

  • Self-Respect is Looking Away if I Make You Feel Uncomfortable

    People who support covering up breastfeeders are ignorant because they don't even know whensomeone else is breastfeeding. It is done with aplomb and respect - we do it discretely already. But I refuse to cover up my child - she doesn't find it comfortable and pulls it off. Women and men do uncomfortable, sexual things and no one tells them to go in private. Like kissing... So no.

  • Breastfeeding in public is legal, and breastfeeding is healthy and natural. Can discretion and modesty be asked of nursing mothers in shared spaces?

    Breastfeeding is a perfectly natural and healthy activity and babies certainly need to eat. Those who are against using a modest cover argue that because breastfeeding is natural and because they find it to be beautiful, those who do not wish to see their naked breast should leave the restaurant, store, park, etc. Because their sensitivity is unjustified and wrong. The nursing mother, then, is the victim of social intolerance.

    Others believe that while breastfeeding in public is perfectly fine and do not advocate banishing women to bathrooms or under heavy blankets, they believe that a tiny bit of discretion is not too much to ask for any public behavior. Covering with a light scarf or something unobtrusive to the baby should not be mandated by law, but should be voluntarily done for the sake of respecting others in the restaurant, store, bus, etc., while they are respecting your right to nurse in public.

    One side's opinion seems to be: "if you don't like it, leave"
    The other's is: "I'll be sensitive to you if you are sensitive to me."

  • Nothing wrong with a little modesty

    I support breastfeeding 1000%. I also plan on breastfeeding once my baby is born. However, I don't want you looking at my boobs. I am speaking for myself as this is what I believe. If I go out in public you bet I will cover my boobs. And to those who say "would you eat with a blanket over your head?" No. I am eating with a spoon. Not a tit in my mouth. Breastfeeding provides all the nutrients that my baby needs and I am willing to discretely do that for him. I am not embarrassed to BF but I refuse to whip my boob out for everyone too see.

  • Yes they should.

    No one is saying breastfeeding is bad, or that you shouldn't do it, but to blatantly do it in public to because its "your right" is wrong because its not. It is extremely inconsiderate. Public restaurants, children's school games. You want people to be considerate of your feeling be considerate of theirs. Its common courtesy, not everything revolves around you and there are just some places that it is inappropriate.

  • Why is it okay to have an exposed boob in public for breastfeeding but not for any other purpose? Double standard.

    As a physician, I believe in the good of breastfeeding for a child's immune system. However, I am not okay with women being uncovered and exposing their breasts while I'm eating at a family restaurant or in a public place trying to enjoy my time. The breast is distracting and not meant for the public eye.

  • What is the big deal??

    There are specialized, lightweight coverups that allow mother and baby to have eye contact while nursing. I own one. Have a little respect for those parents who are choosing to avoid those awkward questions until their kids are a little older. And its not even about the breast being sexialized, its about modesty. The world does not revolve around you.

  • Makes Me Puke!

    I very much support breast feeding, but why put others through an awkward experience? A reasonable woman would use a blanket, or a less occupied area. Believe it or not, some of us boys where raised in a family which respects women, and are taught not to look at women's breasts, and then all-of-a-sudden, a woman just whips it out! And if I'm at a restaurant, I don't want to see anybody's exposed body parts! Don't care if your a man or a woman, Keep Your Shirt On! It makes me sick! Also if everyone around is fine with it, then that's fine, but at least have respect for people that feel uncomfortable; I can't believe that someone said its illegal even to ask to cover up, what a violation of Free Speach, and Human Decency!!!

  • Supporting a healthy Baby

    I work in a Salon and a client who was breastfeeding pulled out her tit to feed her little one without even flinching. There were several male clients that felt uncomfortable and expressed the need to have a quick service and leave. I respect the right to breastfeed however the individual does share the planet and a compromise should respectfully be considered. For example, cover up or go to the bathroom if you need open air.The Issue at hand should be feeding the baby not showing your tit. If it's about covering the baby then go to a public bathroom unless the issue is to show off your tit. Be a diplomat and respect others then they will respect you. Compromise is undervalued.

  • Modesty is important.

    Modesty is a dying art these days. Is it truly so difficult to use a light weight cover when breastfeeding in public? I think not. The problem here is the same problem that America is facing with a myriad of other issues: people feel so entitled to do what makes them the most comfortable or happy that they disregard others around them. Personally, I do not want to see another woman's breasts when I am out at a public event, nor do I want my children seeing them. We should all respect each other and stop trying to make an inch a mile. I doubt anyone would ask a breastfeeding mother to stop feeding her baby in public if breastfeeding mothers would simply cover up.

  • Breasts need to stop being sexualised so much

    I think those who are offended about seeing a naked breast feel that way because they sexualise the woman body too much, breasts are just another part of the female body. If we stopped seeing breasts as sexual objects and just a another part of the female anatomy (which they are) then we'd stop overreacting when we get a slight glimpse in public. Also i think that some women wear tops that are more revealing than a woman's breast obscured by a baby's head.

  • They're just breasts

    I think many of us seem to be forgetting what breasts are actually for: feeding babies. They were not originally intended for your own sexual pleasure, and in many parts of the world, breasts are not considered sexy or obscene. Women can be out in bikinis, where most of their breast is showing, because that's sexually pleasing to some. But if she's using that same breast to feed her own baby? Ew, that's gross and should be covered up. Is that really how some people think? It's a huge double standard.

    And before you go judging women who don't cover up when breastfeeding, think about this: Not all women can afford a breast pump. And on a hot day, most mothers don't want to cover their baby with a blanket just to serve your own selfish needs.

  • Open your minds or close your eyes!

    For goodness sake! Breasts are NOT considered sexual organs! It is not the same as showing your penis or vagina in public! Breastfeeding is not considered indecent exposure and flashing your breasts is not even an arrestable offense anyway. Not that women who are breastfeeding are flashing their breasts, they are just trying to feed their baby. Some babies won't eat without a cover and it is ridiculous to expect a breastfeeding woman to leave the room to feed her baby! If you don't want to see her boobs, it's as simple as looking away! Some people are so damn ignorant.

  • Breast-feeding is an intimate act

    Breast-feeding is an intimate act between a mother and her child, the mother and child should be free to do so when they need to but within reason. My mother never breast-fed in public because she knew if she was going to a public event she should pump in the first place bring a bottle, it's a whole lot less embarrassing, I'm not really sure what the big deal is with bringing your own bottle. Not everybody needs to know you breast-feed at the baseball game. If we allow breast-feeding in public we should also allow public nudity because as natural as breasts are the rest of the body is just as natural and there is no difference.

  • It's all natural.

    I don't see how this is indecent exposure. Most of the time, your shirt is pulled down over your breast and the baby's head blocks out everything else. The only chance you are at seeing nipple is during the latch on or off. Get over yourselves. Don't like it don't look

  • It is Completely Natural!

    No one should have to use a rag to cover up with while their child is eating! It is just wrong. People need to stops seeing breasts as a sex symbol and realize what they truly are intended for. Some certain individuals need to get a grip! This debate is even ridiculous.

  • It isn't indecent exposure...

    By definition: Sexual Organ - any organ involved in sexual reproduction.
    So to my understanding, the breast, is not a organ that involves reproduction. So there is no comparison to indecent exposure.
    Which is: in most states make it a crime to purposefully display one's genitals in public, causing others to be alarmed or offended.

    So by definition of both a sexual organ and indecent exposure they can bot be compared.

  • It's not like the moms are trying to turn men on or something. Seriously, keep it in your pants for heavens sake!

    Its a natural process that has NO SEXUAL CONTEXT WHAT SO EVER! I have no stinking idea why people think that breastfeeding is disgusting or that you don't want to see it at a restaurant. I've seen people all in themselves and children themselves grosser than that and twice as annoying, but we are supposed to "let the parents take care of the situation". I would rather have a family/mother have a quit child while dining at a restaurant rather than a screeching devil who makes everyone's dining experience pure hell. As well, who ever wants to debate the whole sexual aspect better shut their bigoted mouths now because I've seen worse in women who purposely have their breast to the nipple line as well as with bikinis than I ever have with a breastfeeding mom. Why are nipples so "sexy" or "disgusting"? Men have them too out everyday in public! THEY LOOK THE FREAKING SAME! Since people can't change that fact since breastfeeding is legal they'll just have to look away and take their business elsewhere rather than vise versa.

  • The answer is in the name! This is about feeding babies.

    Most babies need near constant feeding and there is not reason why they should be starved to suit people who find breastfeeding 'disgusting'. Use the toilets for eating yourself if you can't stand the sight of women breastfeeding, or rather of babies eating in the most natural way there is.
    It's not like you've never been breastfed yourself, although you won't remember it.
    Read Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and learn what breasts are for. It's not like men don't pee in public anyway.

  • The answer is in the name! This is about feeding babies.

    Most babies need near constant feeding and there is not reason why they should be starved to suit people who find breastfeeding 'disgusting'. Use the toilets for eating yourself if you can't stand the sight of women breastfeeding, or rather of babies eating in the most natural way there is.
    It's not like you've never been breastfed yourself, although you won't remember it.
    Read Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and learn what breasts are for. It's not like men don't pee in public anyway.

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Jifpop09 says2014-01-27T01:28:21.383
I'm neutral, but imagine how confusing it would be for a 6 year old to witness this. It's really not that much of a problem anyways though, as most people breastfeed in there homes anyways.