Should breeds of dogs that are considered dangerous, like the Pit Bull, be banned?

  • Yes, I think dangerous dogs should be banned!

    There have been a few stories in the news recently about kids being badly attacked by dangerous dogs. It's led one state government to bring in new laws to try to crack down on certain breeds of dogs and their owners. And it's raised questions about whether people should be allowed to keep dangerous dogs at all.

  • Dogs are dangerous.

    Dogs were originally wild animals; and they were simply chosen to be domesticated by foolish humans, now that we have learned that they are wild animals, why should we not ban them? I pity people who value dog life to human life, people who own dogs seem to be genuinely stupider than normal people and this was scientifically proven. Dogs should be banned, and their ownership should be illegal. You don't see cats running around in parks mauling people down and tearing off their faces, do you?

  • A dangerous breed is a dangerous breed.

    Whether a pit bull is aggressive because it was trained that way or because it's a characteristic that was bred into it, a dangerous dog is a dangerous dog. Pit bulls are fighters; unlike other dogs, which, when it comes to a fight, try to keep bloodshed to a minimum, pit bulls will assault their target with the intention of bringing it down. They won't hesitate to kill. Pit bulls were initially trained to fight other dogs and remain loyal to humans, but they are becoming more and more aggressive toward us as well. It may not be the dog's fault - it may be the fault of bad breeders - but because aggressive pit bulls are an issue, the breed needs to be banned altogether.

  • Pitbull killings are getting out of hand.

    It might be the owners, but for some reason, pitbull killings of other animals and children is getting out of hand. I'm not sure they should be banned but, they need to be put away when they attack other animals or humans.

  • These breeds should be killed.

    Why is the need for these kind of dogs? They are danger to the society and should be killed. And people who support these breeds and make them attack other people should also be killed. These killer-dogs supporters should get attacked by lions, tigers and leopards. They should be killed.

  • Unpredictable killing, more powerful.

    An article by the SPCA that seems to be clearly "pro-pitbull", demonstrates that they are indeed dangerous: "If a pit bull does bite, he’s far more likely to inflict serious injuries than most other breeds, simply because of his size and strength."


    If a little Chihuahua accidentally gets off a leash and bites my kid, sure it may hurt, but I can clean up the bite and put a band-aid on it. If a Pit Bull bites my kid, or me, there is a good chance of losing a limb or dying. What a horrible experience that would be.

  • Dangerous dogs like pit bulls should be banned

    Dogs cannot be trusted. Why would anyone wish to harm their family by allowing a wild animal into their household. Next people are going to start having lions and tigers as their pets. This is getting seriously out of hand and should be stopped no matter whether the dog was trained to attack or not all dogs get instincts to attack when they are afraid or provoked and when this happens to a breed like a pit bull it can unfortunately kill or seriously harm people and things near to it.

  • Born to kill not to cuddle

    I know a RAF dog handler who's perfectly trained Rottweiler knocked down a Dartmoor pony and became over excited whilst pinning it to the floor. The owner was at the time a 7th Dan karate black belt and everything he tried was ineffective even when he used his lighter on the dogs testicles it just ignored it.

    He finally got it to leave the horse by running away which got the dog to run after him.

  • Yes, but only because they are more difficult to stop in the event they do attack

    Like any dog they can be loving and loyal, but the chief purpose that people buy these dogs is because they know they are powerful creatures. In the event that they attack it is unlikely any one person can stop them inflicting serious damage to another person or animal. Seeing children walk about alone with these dogs on leashes as a status symbol is infuriating and there parents should be made to answer for this.

  • All dogs bite. These dogs kill. Stop the over breeding now!

    These dogs are are too powerful. They don't bite.
    They kill. Pets, children.
    How many children need to be maimed and killed before someone regulates the over breeding and sale of these dogs!? Its really shocking why no one is even talking about the necessity of a muzzle at least when so many children have lost their lives. A 'regular' dog, a pet, could bite a child true. Dangerous breed dogs jaws and grip are too powerful and if they attack, they dont stop until they have killed.

  • Dog breeds shouldnt be banned!

    Dogs do amazing things for humans there is a reason why they're called man's best friend. And they were wild but they in evolution they became companies to humans. And it's not the breeds fault they are dangerous! ITS THE PEOPLE TRAINING THEM TO DO THAT STUFF SO LEAVE THE DOGS ALONE!!!

  • Not banned

    but HEAVILY restricted. Breeds like Pit Bulls are genetically coded to be mean from years of breeding.

  • WOOF NO!!

    There should be tighter restrictions on who can have certain types of dogs i believe. Owners with good knowledge can raise any dog to be a human loving obedient companion. Whilst many owners who believe they are good have no knowledge on how to behave round a dog and therefore should not be trusted with any dog with the capability to do severe harm.

  • Dogs aren't inherently dangerous.

    It is bad training and treatment that makes them violent, not their breed.

  • No, certain breeds of dogs should not be banned.

    When there is an incidence of dogs attacking humans it is usually because the dog was trained to do so, not because the dog naturally wants to attack people. Certain breeds may be more likely to be trained for protection however, all breeds can and have attacked. For the dogs that were not trained they were probably mistreated and abused by a human so they naturally feel the need to protect themselves, which is what any sensible person would do. Not to mention, if you banned certain breeds you would just have people training the breeds that were not banned to fight and attack just like the previous banned breeds.

  • its not the dog its the owner

    I have had many dogs in my life. Never a bad one Ive seen people mean to there dogs. Triying to make them mean .If you buy a pitbull its because you want to have a mean dog so you tend to do thing to ecourage this behaveor. Ive seen it a million times. ive also seen a pitbull that would not hert a fly as well as other breeds with bad reps .

  • No

    Pitbuls are not dangerous. its how you train them!

  • Its not the breed its the person....

    I have three dogs and one is a pitbull. He is the least aggressive of them all. People need to stop labeling pitbulls as vicious. When there is an "incident" by a pitbull, 99% of the time it is a human being that has caused it. I am a mail carrier and there are more dog bites by small dogs like poodles and chihuahuas than pitbulls.
    A good case in point.....Cesar Millan's (Dog Whisperer) pitbull, Daddy. A great ambassador for the breed.

  • Breeds of dogs should not be banned, as they are a part of life.

    Even if certain breeds of dogs pose a threat to some people, they should not be banned. This is because they represent a part of life and should therefore be allowed to live. We do not kill other species like bears and wolves even though they are a much larger threat to humans.

    Posted by: NauseatingAbdul53
  • No, because all breeds of dogs can be dangerous, at any given time.

    There has been a never-ending battle on what breed of dog is dangerous. At one point, people thought full-sized poodles were the "bad" dogs, then it was the Dalmatian, and now, it is the pit bull. As a former owner of all the above mentioned breeds, I can tell you that none of them are dangerous. Any breed of dog can be dangerous, if the dog is brought up to be that way.

    Posted by: 5c0tJung

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