• Yes, he should.

    Brennan is in the position to know a lot about national security that the general public does not know. Using drones is already a part of our defense strategy at this point, and it has been effective at eliminating people who intend to do our county harm. The conditions of warfare have changed dramatically over the years and our country needs to have the most effective means of meeting new challenges.

  • Yes

    Yes I do think that Brennan should defend the United States's drone strikes because he was one of the main people behind them. He needs to explain the reasons for using them. If he does not, like others have said, it will make the US look weak in the eyes of other countries.

  • Yes, he should defend US drone strikes!

    I agree, if Brennan does not defend the United States against the drone strikes then we will look weak to other countries. The drone strikes save many American lives, if terrorists knew we used drones then maybe they would not do unlawful acts against the United States. I believe that he will defend the drone attacks due to the benefits of the attacks!

  • Yes, Brennan should defend U.S. drone strikes.

    If he did not defend what the U.S. military and C.I.A operations did in the past, it would only serve to make the United States appear weak and uncoordinated, regardless of the actual efficacy or ethical nature of the drone strikes. I am absolutely sure that he will defend them to his last breath, at least as long as the president is in office, and as long as he wishes to retain his future position in the C.I.A.

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