• Yes he should have died

    He should have died because the show needed a little more action. This puts a twist and makes the show a bit more interesting. Brian was a beloved pet just as much as a character in the show, and this action would definetly catch some viwers eyes... It sertintly cought my eye

  • He'll come back anyway

    It is doubtful that Brian has gone for good and this recent stunt was probably just to attract more viewers to the show considering how bad Family Guy has got lately and he'll be back in a few episodes and it will feel like he never even died. Typical Family Guy plotline

  • Change in Family Dynamics

    Brian's death, although very disappointing to viewers, could be a bold preparation towards making the show more interesting by adding significant episodes for the upcoming future. Brian's death, if he reappears, could also increase the number of viewers of Family Guy. People in the show also die in episodes only to reappear in later episodes. Brian's death also wasn't really confirmed as permanent just yet, either.

  • Brian Griffin Should Not Have Been Killed

    No, Brian Griffin should not have been killed off on the television show "Family Guy". It was a cheap stunt to produce ratings and did nothing to further either the comedy or the story on the show. In addition, a mere two weeks later, the character was resurrected, further demonstrating that the death had no point or impact.

  • He'll be back.

    Seth McFarlane actually left a really neat loophole in this episode. Remember when Stewie went into the future to turn the toy into the store? Well, that left a spot for Stewie to remember he did that, so he could steal the return pad and go to the Griffin house to use the time machine before it is broken then and fix Brian's death.

  • He is a legend

    Brian Griffin is the boom shizzle, they should have not killed him off as he is one of the main characters and he will always remain in our hearts. I miss you Brian. I loved every part of Family Guy when Brian was involved now he has gone I shall never watch the programme if he is not taking part in it.

  • No, He's was my Favorite

    Brian had always been the voice of reason within the show. Not only that, when he made mistakes, he learned from them. Also, one of the reasons the show was still watchable was the relationship between him and Stewie. I feel like this was really cheap. Now because of Brain's death, I honestly had no interest or desire to watch any new Family Guy episodes

  • Brian Was A Strong, Supporting Character in the Family Guy story.

    1. Brian/Stewie Interactions
    These episodes of Brian and Stewie made some of the most memorable moments in Family Guy history and some of the most enjoyable because the relationship between a toddler and his/her dog is one that many Americans can relate to and love.
    2. Brian Represented a Group of People.
    Brian Griffin was an open atheist. With atheists being a very low minority in America, Brian was a great character that this minority can relate to on a very popular comedy TV show. Brian was able to show this philosophical view to the audience by rebutting misconceptions of this disbelief and allowing for a more open-minded society.

  • Truly inspirational character that did not deserve the chop

    Having played a huge part in the show since it began in 1999 Brian has delivered comedy at its highest level. Bringing laughter to people is one of the best things you can give a person in life and so if we achieved this, even in the form of a small white dog.... Why can't we allow it to continue? Brian positively influenced not only the American nation but also the whole world and in doing so made many people smile.

  • Brian should not have been killed on Family Guy.

    First, the t.V. Series is called "Family Guy", which means some find the show appropriate for all ages. I think it would deeply upset children if they were watching Family Guy and they saw the dog in the cartoon pass away. Other than that, cartoon characters in my opinion shouldn't pass away. There are many other alternatives they could have used, if they were not able to still have the character on the show. They should have had the episode of Brian moving on to a better place like not Brian dying off in the hospital.

  • No, he was Valuable.

    Brian Griffin was one of the main characters in Family Guy. But he was also very valuable. He set up punchlines and added witty remarks. He could also do a good episode containing just him and Stewie. He had a special relation to the viewers (lol, if you can call it that) and shouldn't have been killed off. If anything, kill one of the lesser characters, like Mort Goldman or Adam West.

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