• Bribery should be Legal for the briber, Illegal to accept a bribe

    This question is NOT about right and wrong, It is about if bribery should be illegal or legal.

    Bribery can lead to some benefits, Faster work being done (increased incentive) and some downsides like those we entrust to perform tasks not doing so without bribes/only the wealthy getting things done quickly. This isn't to say bribes are good, And therefore good things should be legal and bad things should be illegal. The problem lies more in the shadowy nature that bribes take place, So in an effort to expose (and possibly reduce bribes) we should make bribes legal to offer/give, But illegal to take. When bribes are illegal for both parties it creates a mutual incentive for both parties to conceal the bribe, For if one goes down, They both go down. However, To make it legal to offer a bribe could break down the mutual incentive for concealing, As only the party accepting the bribe (the party who is entrusted to perform the work anyway) will be in trouble for accepting it. When criminally investigated, The bribing party would be worse off by lying (lying in an investigation is a crime, But a DIFFERENT crime than bribing) and has no penalty for admitting to the bribe (with evidence), Which exposes the illegal actions of the trusted party who abused their power when they accepted the bribe.

    So yes, Offering a bribe should be made legal, And accepting the bribe should remain illegal.

  • It is time consuming

    Bribing helps a person to finish a work so vastly . For example if a person want to buy a land , he should first go to the corporation for buying it , it itself takes some 10 to 15 days but if we bribe him the officer gives us more preference , and finishes the work in just 2 or 3 days. Here both the officer and the person who buys get benefited.

  • It should not be legalized

    As per my opinion..Yes it may make some people finish their work early but what about others??..
    They will be have to waste more time than they are actualy required too?
    So bribery should kot be legalozed keeping in view everyone's benefir as we all ate here a part of our nation and have to work for its development

  • No, it shouldn't

    It is wrong and should stay illegal. If the rich controlled everything then we would all be dead. We've seen this happen before, and I could happen again. No one wants a aristocracy. And if we allow bribery, thats what we will be creating. Do you want that? Because I know I don't.

  • It is illegal for a reason.

    Bribery is a crime. If people are allowed to bribe, the rich would get away with more and more than they already. We have created a disease for the rich to get off with murder called influenza. Now if bribery was legal, the rich would get whatever they want creating even a bigger gap in the social hierarchy.

  • No, it creates blackmail.

    No, bribery should not be legalized, because too many people would take advantage of it and use it to blackmail other people. Blackmail is a serious crime, and allowing people to bribe each other would only lead to it. Bribery would also be a terrible policy for public officials, who are given the public trust.

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