Should Bridgitte Bardot be considered one of the greatest fashion icons?

  • Bridgitte Bardot had Great impact on fashion

    Bridgitte Bardot has been so influencial that a style of neckline was named for her. If that was not enough evidence that she was a fashion icon, consider her role in popularizing the two peice bikiini. It can be argued that she was merely the body that hung the clothing, and that the designers of the articles should be given credit. However, other female film stars were either unwilling or unable to take such bold steps in fashion. That is why the neckline is named for her. She was bold enough to wear it and had the body to support it.

  • Bridgitte Bardot can be considered one of the greatest fashion icons.

    Bridgette Bardot can be considered one of the greatest fashion icons for several important reasons.First of all she was in movies which gave her exposure to many different people.The second reason was she was never afraid to be herself which made her somewhat of a trend setter in her time.

  • Bardot is an Icon

    Bridgitte Bardot is an icon. A French model and actress, she is an image from the 1950's that is completely recognizable and iconic. Even though fashion icons are in the right place at the right time, Bardot fit the bill when it was needed. She is a beauty that has spanned the test of time.

  • Plenty of Others Since Then

    Brigitte Bardot was a fashion icon of the 1950s and 1960s. However, many more icons have come forward since then. What about Olivia Newton-John, Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe? Those women were equally as symbolic during that time period. Since Bardot's time, there have been plenty of supermodels who have outshone and outdone the French beauty.

  • Bardot is more a sex symbol than fashion icon

    Bridgitte Bardot should not be considered one of the greatest fashion icons because she is known in the modern era as mainly being a sex symbol. While she had a great fashion sense, it was simply not her claim-to-fame. She is more known wearing as little clothing as possible than for haute couture.

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