Should Britain sell the county of Norfolk to pay off the national debt?

Asked by: brian_eggleston
  • Nobody would miss it.

    Nobody in Britain would miss Norfolk and the money from its sale could enable the government to pay off the national debt, and thus reduce income taxes or spend more money on public services.

    The rural county of Norfolk which is located on the east coast of England is mainly inhabited by clod-hopping, inbred, carrot-crunching yokels who are notoriously dim-witted so they would be a bit of a liability to a new owner, but Norfolk does have lots of valuable agricultural land and a The Norfolk Broads National Park must be worth quite a bit.

    There is also a small city in the county, Norwich, which has some fine historical buildings, a Premiership football club and an airport to sweeten the pot for potential buyers.

    Russia might want to buy Norfolk and relocate their gays there, Japan might want to buy it and use it as a dump for their nuclear waste and the Americans might want to buy it to accommodate their “pesky Indians”.

    Furthermore, both the greasy, tango-dancing Argentineans and the swarthy, cow-stabbing Spaniards have shown an interest in acquiring British land recently: The Falkland Islands in the case of the Argies and Gibraltar in the case of the Spics; so there should be no shortage of bidders.

  • Land is invaluable

    Taking a look at the case of Alaska, which was sold to the United States hundred years ago, we see a vivid lesson from selling the national invaluable assets for money. Russia received a huge amount of money at that time, however what they lost is uncountable.
    Back to our case, by abandoning the ownership of Norfolk to receive a large amount of money, the government may pay off the current debt which cause many problems for government and society. However, the UK will suffer from painful consequences in the near future. For example, country or a billionaire who acquire this region may use it for purposes that may harm the UK such as the place to accommodate terrorists or to store nuclear wastes or to handle industrial wastes. This will lead to the deterioration of British health. It's one of obvious consequences. Another point to note is that the benefit that Norfolk could bring will surely outweigh the money that government receives if they sell the county. As population continues growing and the resources are on the edge of depletion, land will become more invaluable.
    In summary, the decision to sell the county ,once approved, will be the largest fallacious decision in the history of the world.

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