Should Britain separate itself from the European Union?

Asked by: TheWaywardWriter
  • It's time for Britain to leave the door is open

    It was great for Britain to be in the european-union after wold war 2 but the time has come for it to say farewell to the european union
    and for in the future for the european union to collapse the european union is outdated and obsolete so so long EU

  • Bexit is necessary!!

    Immigrants have taken over the work of many British citizens and there is a greater concern of public safety. With many immigrants pouring into the country, it is clear to everyone that the possibility of terrorists entering the country is much greater. Britain, as an island country, can definitely implement a stricter passport control. We don't need any terrorism in Britain, one of the leading nations in the whole world. To achieve this, it is a good time to say Goodbye to the EU.

  • Britain should stay!

    Brexit is unnecessary, it has just caused problems for many politicians and others for that matter. It will be harder for EU tourists to get into the country. Therefore causing less people to come to tourist sites such as the Big Ben, London Eye etc. Britain should stay in the EU!

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