• Preparedness has fewer consequences.

    It is practical for Britain to be prepared for any storm. The evidence of this is prevalent in the southern United States, where winter storms are also rare. Recent instances there prove that even a small amount of snow can be very debilitating where if treated properly, the impact would be minimal. Simply being prepared stops people from being stranded and the financial investment is worth it for the safety of Britain's citizens.

  • Britain does not have enough winter storms to make it worth the money.

    I do not think Britain should spend more money on preparing for winter storms. Britain mainly has a very mild climate in winter. It very rarely has a severe winter. If Britain spent more money on preparation, then in most years, this money would be completely wasted. It is almost certainly cheaper to deal with the consequences of the occasional severe winter, then to try and stay in constant preparedness.

  • They should not.

    Great Britain should not be spending any more money on preparing for any winter storms. They are already spending enough money for these types of things, and there should be more people who are funding this themselves instead of just sitting around and waiting for the government to bail them out.

  • No, Britain shouldn't spend more money for winter storms.

    I do not think it it necessary for Britain to spend a lot of money to prepare for winter storms. I do not even think that Britain experiences winter storms to the same levels as that of other countries such as the United States of America. Britains spending on winter emergencies are adequate.

  • not at all

    NO, I do not think that they need to spend any more time than they do right now in getting ready for a storm that might come. I think that they are already used to a whole lot of bad weather, and that they are not going to get surprised.

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