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  • It is important that we help everyone

    Our world is one giant community, if part of it is in need of help then will have to help, even if it is only a little bit. If it is possible to help and allow homeless people into a shelter when why isn't it allowed to take a refugee into a shelter?

  • Treat others how you would like to be treated

    How would you like it if you were in need of help and everyone refused to do so, and in fact treated you like a piece of dirt on their shoe? It wouldn't be nice, would it? So, it basically comes down to the simple phrase - treat others how you would like to be treated.

  • I think humans are forgetting humanity

    May not the god take the haters to such an event where they even have to leave their country for some personal reasons . And the other country would be full of refugees to whom they are saying No currently. Then they would understand how it feels . What ! People are supporting their worlds against it by saing "CULTURE WILL BE AFFECTED" AND VARIOUS OTHER EXCUSES." ...SUCH PEOPLE SHOULD BE SENT TO MARS TOTALLY ALONE AND THEIR THEY SHOULD DO ALL SUCH PITIOES ACT OF DIVIDING BORDERS. In hope of humanity i would definitely allow the country to let refuggees in .

    Morever , the case of criminals can be controlled by police by giving them harsh punishments. But those who are innocent should not get their rights. THEy should apply to ANNESTY INTERNATIONAL OF HUMAN RIGHTS

  • GOgoGo GoGo Go

    SO , are you just gonna sit there you lazy couch potato? I bet you're eating something right now. God, no wonder why more than a third of the U.S. So are you gonna do something or not? Go run a few laps around your're block or something. People these days.

  • Most People On The No Side Are Not English.

    I fully support refugees coming into the country. Not only could it positively affect the economy, but it would also set a good example for our cousins across the pond. With their president denying immigrants left and right, we need to do what we can to ensure that these people have a country to call home.

  • Most People Answering No Are Not English.

    I fully support refugees coming into the country. Not only could it positively affect the economy, but it would also set a good example for our cousins across the pond. With their president denying immigrants left and right, we need to do what we can to ensure that these people have a country to call home.

  • Not Until They Can Improve Vetting

    Fact is, current vetting processes have failed in Europe, and have allowed dangerous extremists to enter the continent. Until Europe can figure out how to properly vet them, they should not be accepting more. Just look at all the sex crimes and terrorist attacks that have been committed by improperly vetted refugees.

  • Have you seen Europe

    Germany took in many refugees, and look at what happened to them. They have police with guns everywhere, and they have Islamist terrorists everywhere. And they had so many terrorists attacks in 2017 alone. I think don't take them in. They want to take over western civilization. It's not woman and children coming it's men that want to kill citizens

  • Britain is a sovereign nation

    The government has one responsibility and that is to look out for the best interests of the British people. So why would it allow a foreign people who obviously have a difficult time assimilating into its borders? Better question - why would these people of such a different culture flee to a country thousands of miles away where they will be ostracized by language, belief system, customs, etc? Why would they not flee hundreds of miles to a neighboring country where they will fit in? I think we all know the answer if we're being honest.

  • Islam religion will take over

    They just cannot integrate with British society or its values. For them, The Westerners will always be kafirs (unbelievers) even though the Westerners gave them shelter, A better quality of life. They will not be grateful. Plus Britain should look after its own people first, This country has no money for social care, No money for police, No money for healthcare. Time for politicians to acknowledge that Britain is no longer rich.

  • Britain has every right to reject Muslim refugees (yet it's still not rejecting them)

    Islamic terror has become a growing threat to British civilians and is causing Jewish Brits to leave in droves for Eastern Europe. Why is happening? Because Muslim refugees are being allowed in very easily and given the choice not to assimilate. This is bad considering that Islam is an inherently intolerant, sexist and bigoted religion that preaches hatred of other religions, anti-gay bigotry, and misogyny. Men are told that they are entitled to control women, Muslims are called upon to rid the world of hypocrites, apostates, other religions, and gays (with the exception of Jews and Christians who are willing to pay the jizya, or protection tax). This inevitably leads to a growing number of rapes and murders committed by Muslims. Therefore, the Brits have every right to turn away refugees.

  • They've already taken WAY too many.

    I'm may not be an expert on immigration and economics, but even I can tell you that letting thousands of poor, generally uneducated people from a incompatible culture will destroy your economy and decease the safety and well-being of your own citizens. And lets not mention how easy it is for those willing to commit acts of terror to abuse the lackluster vetting system currently in place.

  • Stop one way multi-culturalism

    I cannot for the life of me think what is so evil about having a Britain for the British people. No moral obligation exists for Britain to take more refugees. China is a world power far superior to Britain, but no one asks China to take in refugees. Self hating white liberals do not march in the streets for China to take in refugees. Britain is a nation state, and as a nation state that has contributed more to the world than arguably any other culture. It is for this reason that Britain should seek to preserve this society and preserve its heritage.

  • Just because a bunch of entitled teenage brats scream and whine, doesn't mean we listen to them. Preserve our culture and heritage.

    I don't know when it became normal to allow children to tell adults how to live, but no other culture in the world would dream of allowing such disrespect. They're naive, worse, their fighting against their own future. So NO, we don't replace our population with 7th-century barbarians who clearly state they want to convert or kill.

  • Simply no. It will cause economic and civil issues — especially if they are from theocracy and supreme ruler styled government

    The people we speak of are not kurds, they are people who are stuck in the dark ages. And they should try and fight for their country considering most are men. We should also take in the fact that we’ve been at odds with their sultans and supreme leaders since the invention of that ideology. So to ignore the fact that they are mortal enemies is more foolish than accepting a trojan horse: for their intentions are rather clear and history transparant enough to identify their anti-freedom ideology.

  • Not right now

    If they were doing well, refugees in Europe have shown that they are bad for the economy, when they should be contribuing to it by getting jobs and living as Europeans, until the current ones demonstrate they can help the countries that are receiving them.
    Of course there are refugees working but stats demonstrate this is the "minority".

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