• We need control of our Kingdom

    We should not let ourselves be bossed around by the EU. Britain is an advanced and strong nation.
    The EU is limiting Britain's freedom.
    The decision people make now will effect us youngsters later.
    I am only 13 Years old and I say VOTE LEAVE
    Please make the right decision ↑

  • The EU is an antidemocratic dictatorship, which has will fall apart in the coming years.....

    The European Commision currently makes more than 60% of all British laws, this is a group of people who have never been democratically elected, furthermore, there isn't a single method by which the people of Europe can remove them from their well paid positions. This on it's own should be enough to kill the whole project, however to make things worse, they've made the EU the single slowest growing block of nations on the planet, there are thousands of ridiculous regulations and taxes which make the prospect of starting a small company excruciating.
    Also they are quickly moving to an ever closer union which will inevitably lead to an even worse economical situation on the whole continent.
    If the British have any sense at all they will overwhelmingly vote to leave and will thereby save their state.......

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