Should British Immigration Minister Mark Harper have resigned for unknowingly employing an undocumented worker as his cleaner?

  • Ignorance is No Excuse

    Mark Harper found out the hard way that "ignorance is no excuse" when it comes to upholding British law regarding immigration. Harper resigned after someone discovered one of his house cleaners was an undocumented worker living in Britain. It's an unfortunate situation, but at least Harper had the guts to admit he made a mistake.

  • He's an incompetent buffoon.

    The illegal status of the immigrant cleaner was uncovered after a review of her documents. Why wasn't this uncovered sooner? He either knew she was illegal but liked the cheap labour: making him a criminal. Or he didn't know: making him incompetent. He's the Immigration Minister for goodness sake. He ordered vehicles with 'Go home' signs on them aimed at illegal immigrants. He should 100% have resigned and rightly did.

  • It was probably intentional.

    Yes, British Immigration Minister Mark Harper should have resigned for unknowingly employing an undocumented worker as his cleaner, because he needs to set the example that hiring illegals will not be tolerated. It is a bit hard to believe that Harper did not know that the worker did not have proper documentation. Representing the immigration service he should have been held to a higher standard.

  • An oversight is possible, and not a hanging offense.

    Mark Harper has received overwhelming criticism for the recent discovery that his house cleaner was an undocumented immigrant. While this is a hilarious point in UK politics, I don't think the man should resign. This brings the realization of the problem to the front page. Now, he has to do something about it. Leave him in the seat and give him the chance to redeem himself. If he was caught smoking crack with that undocumented worker in an orgy, then sure, get him to resign.

  • He didnt know

    No, he should not have resigned for hiring someone that he did not know was illegal in the country. He simply needed to fire the person and have them deported back once he found out what they had done to get into the country. He is great at his job.

  • A Fine Should Suffice

    I do not believe British Immigration Minister Mark Harper should resign for unknowingly employing an undocumented worker as his cleaner. I feel as though that is not a deserving reason to walk away from the position. He should face fines, but not much else. There are plenty of people who knowingly hire undocumented workers without punishment.

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