Should British jihadis be able to return to the UK?

Asked by: BBCFreeSpeech
  • If he want´s to reintigrate

    I´m from germany and we have a lot of jihadist, called salafists by us, even germans who converted to the islam and got terrorists, I heard stories that many come back because they recognised war ist just not so a cool adventure as they first thought and they were treated bad by the local terrorist leaders, so I think many people know after this trip what they from living here.

  • These people need help, not further alienation

    We should be looking at process' to help them come back and reintegrate if they do want to come back and contribute to society. They are disillusioned and unhappy, if they pose an immediate threat then of course we should be cautious. We should solve the problem, not just abandon them when they need us the most.

  • Members of terrorist groups...

    Present a serious domestic threat and should thus be treated as such. Would you let someone into your home after they tell you about how much they just love burning down houses? Absolutely not. Why? Because they are a threat to you and your loved ones.

    Freedom of speech is one thing but to join a known terrorist organization who is responsible for the deaths of innocent men, women, and children is another. There is a fine line between reformists and radicals that must be respected, especially when on the other of said line stands murderers, rapists, and thugs.

    I agree with BBCFreeSpeech when they suggest that their citizenship should be forfeited once they pledge their allegiance to a radical group. This goes for any terrorist reform group too, not just the Jihads.

  • Treasonous Dirt Bags

    Over here in the USA, aiding and abetting the enemy is tantamount to treason, which is punishable by death. They don't deserve a warm welcome, they deserve a firing squad.

    I would have no problem with our gov't rounding up all non-citizens from countries known to aid the likes of ISIS and other Sharia Law touting militant groups and sending them back where they came from.

  • Why should we welcome back people who go to fight for an abhorrent cause?

    Whether we prosecute returning jihadists or offer them rehabilitation we will be allowing these people to eventually be part of UK society. Whilst that may seem like the liberal and progressive thing to do, why should we bother with these people? Why should we use our national resources on people who have rejected us as a nation to such a level that they are happy to fight for groups that represent the antithesis of a modern, progressive society? Not only should we not allow jihadists to return, we should be ramping up efforts to dismantle the so called 'Islamic State' and similar prehistoric groups around the world.

  • British jihadis should forfeit their citizenship

    Once a British citizen chooses to go and join radical muslim organisations who are responsible for killing innocent people, their citizenship should be forfeit. The idea that these jihadis should be welcomed back into society with open arms is absurd. People should be free to leave to fight in what they believe in, but can't expect to just come back with no repercussions.

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