Should British police armed with lethal weapons?

Asked by: RStrivens
  • I don't live in the UK or Ireland, but I think in general, officers should be armed at all times.

    Life as an officer can be difficult, I'm pretty sure. There are so many cases in which the officer will need to defend themselves. Lethal weapons to officers will ensure that any threat can be neutralized. Officers need to enforce the law, and there firearm will help them do that. I know what Officer Wilson did was wrong, but officers need to carry any lethal weapon, which can be used to neutralize crime, and will help enforce the law.

  • Some cops, yes.

    But most, I not believe so. I live in ireland, and seventy percent of our frontline officers are unarmed, that is to say, no tasers or guns. They tried pepperspray, but that was a non starter on both sides. Personally I believe this is already to many. Our founders knew what it was like to live in furgeson, and said never again. The minister of justice at the founding said something like I the gardai can't rely on the moral ore then the state has no authority.

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