• Guns is power, money and women

    Who doesn't like power, who doesn't money, who doesn't like women unless your a women. If you have a gun you can kill people instead of using the sh*ty Pea shooters that the armed forces use. And everyone love women right who wouldn't want to fuck them so vote #freethegun(andnipple)

  • The British police should have guns.

    Certain member of the British police should be allowed guns, maybe not all of them, but some. They need to be able to handle situations in which criminals may have access to guns. Criminals don't care if ey are illegal and citizens should be protected. It would be a time consuming and unneeded event for the military to deal with it.

  • No not in britain

    Well we live in a country with hardly any gun violence yes they are owned but if police are armed with a taser and a baton then they shouldn't need a gun as well because they may make the wrong decision when armed which makes it more dangerous to the civilians around

  • No police should have guns

    I'm an American. A lot of gun violence is perpetrated by the police. After all, the police are human beings just like us.- except they can get away with it. It's such a rare circumstance that a police officer will have to use deadly force, and yet deadly force is committed almost constantly by the American police. Give the police weapons, you've got a police state. They protect and serve their own, not us.

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