• Absolutely, yes I think so

    They should be prosecuted for what they did. I think they deserve what they did. They along with their commander. I say the Danish troops who did what they did to Greenland should also face war crime charges as well. I think we need some justice once and for all.

  • It is my opinion that British soldiers involved in Bloody Sunday should be prosecuted.

    It is the responsibility of every person, no matter under whose authority, to think for themselves and act upon a ethical and moral code that will lead them to make choices for the betterment of themselves and their community. Soldiers involved in such a massacre should have refused an unlawful order and turned the situation around for the better.

  • It is not their fault.

    They were pulled into the war as soldiers and all they were doing is following whatever their superiors tell them. They could not possibly said no to someone of a higher status. Furthermore, most f them are old and it is all in the past, they have changed(probably) and thus they should not be prosecuted.

  • Yes, British Soldiers should be prosecuted for Bloody Sunday.

    I think that the British Soldiers who were involved with Bloody Sunday should be prosecuted for their crimes. I think that Bloody Sunday was a horrible even in the history of Ireland and Great Britain. And the soldiers who were involved in the day should be prosecuted for morality and ethical sake.

  • They were following orders.

    No, British soldiers should not be prosecuted if they were involved in Bloody Sunday, because they were just following orders from above. They might not have known that the people involved were unarmed. They might have just been doing what their superiors told them to do, and that is not their fault.

  • Soldiers act on training and orders.

    Yes, soldiers are in some ways responsible for their actions. However, in the context of duty, and under the guidance of their superiors, they act as they are taught to act. If you want a different reaction from an animal, you train it to have a different reaction. Those soldiers on bloody sunday acted as they had been trained to do. The government armed them, put them on location, gave them protocols, and the soldiers acted accordingly. The government could have trained them different, not put them on location, and not armed them with lethal means.

  • As most of the paramilitaries from the Troubles have been pardoned, so too should the soldiers.

    Since most of the paramilitaries and terrorists of the Troubles era were pardoned, so too should the British soldiers. It would be difficult to justify the prosecution of the British soldiers, since so many others on both sides who participated in bombings and murders repeatedly, are free today. Furthermore, it would only serve to exacerbate tensions between communities in Northern Ireland and reopen old wounds.

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