• British troops should withdraw from Afghanistan.

    Of course the British troops should withdraw, as should all troops. The war is over and it is time for Afghanistan to rebuild. They don't seem to want outside help, and they are capable of rebuilding the country themselves. It is time for the outside families to begin their lives over.

  • Yes all troops should

    British and American troops should withdraw from Afghanistan because no good can come from staying there. The United States and our allies are wasting money every second we are in the Middle East. We have been there for 10+ years and we have lost thousands of lives while ruining our economy and families alike. What benefit comes from this war?

  • Yes, It Was Never Their War

    The British government should withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. The public is very anti-war right now and have demonstrated this with several anti-war protests measuring in the millions of people. The Afghanistan war was started by the USA and the British got dragged in as the US's favorite ally. It's time they stood up for their own people.

  • British troops should stay.

    Everyone can be peaceful and choose to not see what is in front of them. Afghanistan is a dangerous country and should be given a chance to be civil that doesn't work when the Taliban rule. This problem is still present so we are there for the same reason we came to help Afghanistan as a country against the Taliban.

  • British troops are in a troubled country.

    Britain more then likely feels, like the rest of the world does, that Afghanistan is a troubled country. They may also feel that their presences in Afghanistan may help the country through their troubled times. When Britain feels that they can leave the country and see many great results is when they should withdraw their troops. If Britain cannot rest easily without their troops in Afghanistan, then they shouldn't be removed.

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