Should Brittney Griner be allowed to try out for the NBA?

  • Absolutely, she should be able to.

    I don't see why not. If she doesn't measure up to the other NBA players and is unsuccessful, then that's fine. But, I don't see why we should say, "you can't because you're a woman." It's the same for golf and tennis. I don't see why they have to be so arcane about the split between genders. There are physical differences between men and women, but if a woman thinks she can compete with men physically (and that's certainly possible), then who are we to say no? What's the worst that could happen? They compete successfully? Wouldn't that be good for the sport?

  • Absolutely, women can keep up with men!

    Ever hear of the Edmonton Grads? Best female basketball team ever they were 49-29 (around their) and they beat full male teams too. Sure basketball has come along way but so have women. It's National Basketball Association I don't see National Men's Basketball Association. Why can't she? Get your heads out of the gutters, why can't she?

  • Why Brittney should not be allowed to try out for the NBA.

    Brittney should not be able to play in the NBA because if for no other reason than she's a women. How can you justify having to alter the facilities of every arena in the NBA. Why would possibly the best female player in the world
    want too do this? She at best would be a bench warmer.

  • No, she will not prosper.

    In the WNBA I see Griner being prosperous and her in the NBA could be huge as for ticket sales. We have to be real here though. By female standards, her height 6'8 is very tall and will really fit her well in the WNBA, but in the NBA we have forwards that are as tall and taller. Just imagine her guarding centers like Dwight Howard, Tyson Chandler and if he returns, Andrew Bynum. I'm a Griner fan but I cant see this happening. Imagine her guarding LeBron.

  • No, they have the WNBA.

    First of all, if someone were to give her a contract, it would be a publicity stunt to get people in the arena. That is why MLB has banned females, to avoid publicity stunts. Also, the argument that they shouldn't be told no because they are a woman is ridiculous. Last time I checked, men aren't allowed to try out for the WNBA.

  • It's not necessary.

    Before I get into my argument I would first like to say I have nothing against women playing men's sports. I used to be on my school wrestling team. However, this being said, I do not believe it is necessary for her to be allowed to play in the NBA since the women have their own division. She should stay with the WNBA and consider herself lucky to be there. Not everyone makes it and she should feel privileged to have the opportunity that many do not have.

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