• Yes; Brock Turner's crimes are unacceptable.

    Yes, Brock Turner should have received a lifetime ban. If he had not, it would have shown the world that rape is allowed, and that violent crime can go unpunished. Turner's actions were unacceptable, and they should have as pronounced an impact on his live as they do on his victim's life.

  • Of course he should have!!!

    He penetrated a woman while she was unconscious and stuffed a foreign object up hole. I think that deserves a heavier punishment. But yet people still tend to blame the victim of the rape rather than the perpetrator, Whether or no a woman was drunk at the time or wearing a mini-skirt, that does not give a person the excuse to go ahead and rape someone against her will. We still have the sexist remarks such as "oh he couldn't help himself" or "well she was asking for it" rubbish. And I bet if a black person did the same thing, he would have received a much heavier and brutal punishment. People think we have gone beyond racism but in reality, we still have so many relapses. I think that some whites still have the picture ingrained in their minds that they are precious, innocent little angels incapable of doing any wrong and if they do, they must have a mental disorder but if a black person did the exact same thing, he's fully sane and deserved to be punished. How frickin' sick!!!

  • Brock Turner should not be allowed to swim with Team USA, regardless of his light prision sentence.

    Many believe Brock Turner received a light sentence in the court room. His prison sentence may be less than what many hoped; but this does not mean that he should be privileged to compete for the USA on a swimming team. Team USA has a strict policy about sexual misconduct in their organization, and Turner's behavior has broken their Code of Conduct. Brock Turner's banning was just.

  • Turner should have a stronger sentence

    I agree that Brock Turner's sentence should have been stronger, and a lifetime ban certainly seems reasonable. It's appalling how his privilege allowed him to receive such a minimal sentence for a crime that would have resulted in a much stronger sentence for others. Athletic or academic status should not excuse anyone from being treated as a criminal for sexual assault.

  • Yes, Brock Turner should have a lifetime ban

    Brock Turner was found guilty of 3 felonies and is facing prison time so he is not a role model for athletes and youngsters. He should be banned as an example for others that his crimes are not to be taken lightly. The justice system may be flawed in handing out his punishment but the consequences of his behavior must force him to take a higher responsibility.

  • Punishment won't help. Rehabilitating will.

    Whether Turner should be allowed to swim again should be decided on how redeemed with the society will be as the time goes. I firmly believe on second chances and in rehabilitating those who have committed any kind of crimes before punishing them as harsh as some have been punished (capital punishment, life, etc). While I also believe his sentence was light when it came to prison time, every human being has been given rights (yes, even those who have committed the worst offences) that should not be taken away as those of rehabilitation and redemption. Doing otherwise just will create hatred and predisposition against the innocent.

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