Should Brock Turner serve a more harsh sentence for his sexual assault crimes?

Asked by: Lovinity
  • Judge considered wrong side of the story

    First off, here are a couple worthy articles to check out before reading my input.
    Survivor's story:
    Media story:

    The original sentence for Brock turner was 14 years in prison, which even that, in my opinion, was a little lenient considering he had 3 charges against him. Nonetheless, he left with only a 6-month jail sentence. Part of what happened was his Dad made a testimony that influenced the judge to decide anything more would be "too hard" on Brock Turner.

    What the judge did NOT consider, however, is the impact Turner made on the innocent woman who was passed out when she was assaulted, and not knowing the full story of what happened to her until a casual browsing of the news revealed that to her. This is something that may haunt her for a very long time, perhaps for life. Now she has to go around with the stigma of being a rape survivor and everything else our rape culture perpetuating society puts on her. Yet, Turner gets nothing more than 6 months in jail. In addition, the media had the audacity to praise him for his swimming record and reputation. THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS CRIMINAL ACT!

    It seriously disgusts me that Turner was let off so easily. In my opinion, he should have been given a 20-year prison sentence with mandatory education on rape culture, women/gender/sexuality, and respect.

    Good news though is his school did not take this lightly and banned him from the swim team as well as gave him the option to voluntarily withdrawal from the University or be expelled.

  • Yes, he should!!!!

    He shouldn't have had such a lenient sentence and it was bad on the Judges part to just listen to the dad's statement. As a rape survivor, I know the toll it takes on the person and it doesn't ever really go away. It has been four years since it happened to me, and to this day, certain things still scare me. I get scared when people touch my neck or when I get yelled at and especially, when I see a van that reminds me of what happened. That person that he raped is probably going through the same things and I don't know if she still goes to Stanford but think of the emotional toll it has on her (if she is still there) seeing the exact place where she was raped or even if she is off that campus, there are always going to be things that remind her of what happened. Sure, he lost his opportunity at Stanford or at the Olympics or whatever he lost; she lost something much more important, she lost her sense of security, which is what everyone should have.

  • Judges Are Eternally Correct

    First of all, you have to consider that the verdict was delivered by a JUDGE. A judge who has years of experience and went through years of schooling is obviously more knowledgeable and insightful than most other people, especially the people debating the judge's decision. That man has more experience in the legal field than any of you. That is why we have to respect his opinion.

    I agree, jail would be too hard on this young man. It was good that he was let off easy. Imagine if you were in that situation. You would have not wanted to go to prison.

  • But may be deserved.

    From the article posted in the paper I read, he deserves a longer sentence than just six months. Sure, the article was written by an institution that tends to feed controversy so would not be neutral in the case. This is why people are judged in courtrooms with both sides represented and a presumably unbiased judge and/or jury and not in the media.
    Because sentencing has already taken place, more years can not be added. To do so would negate the whole purpose of sentencing. Sure, time may be added for other reason, hypothetically if he commits other crimes while imprisoned but that would be a result of bad conduct just as lower sentencing can be give for good conduct.

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