• Bros should always come before hos.

    Bros should always come before hos. This should be common sense. Women are unstable creatures. They are inherently untrustworthy because they
    are emotional and irrational. Women come
    and go. True friends are few and far
    between. Good friends are very hard to
    find in this life. That’s why bros come
    before hos.

  • Yes, friends before relationships

    If a person is using the statement "bros before hos" then they need to put their friends ahead of their relationship because odds are they are not ready to seriously commit to one. Once they stop referring to their partner as "hos" then they may be ready to have a real actual relationship in which case they may need to occasionally put their partner ahead of their friends.

  • I think that bros should always come before hos.

    I think that bros should always come before hos. Good friends are very hard to find in today’s
    world. Most people have no morals at
    all. That’s why I appreciate my
    bros. Hos are a dime a dozen. They can always be replaced. But a true bro is a friend for life.

  • WIthin the right circumstances

    Most of my friends are all male, naturally being that I am a guy. I've always been a believe in that old saying, especially if the girl is a "ho", so to speak. You should always stick with your close guy friends and listen to them out of respect to them.

  • Not if the "ho" is his gf

    Yes friends are so so important. But so is your gf. I think it should be equal. Like if your with your gf and your "bros" call you up and ask to hang out, you CAN NOT just ditch your girl. But in the same way you shouldn't drop your bros for your ho. Im j saying if ur bros are before your girl, she's gonna leave you.

  • Bros before hos is a guideline not a rule

    Bros before hos sounds catchy but people act like this is something that God wrote in stone
    The idea that a guys is suppose to always say no to some girl just so ha can continual to hang out with some guys is just absurd
    If I always told my guys friends that I come first then I am just being selfish or jealous.

  • Bros should not come before hos.

    If real life, a man will do almost anything for his lover rather than his friend. This adage is not realistic. If a man disappoints his lover, she can refuse to have sex with him. If a man upsets his friend, they will just be angry at each other with no other consequences.

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