• Yes BTS should come to America

    BTS should come to America and perform because they also have many fans that love and support them. If BTS were to come to America it can also show people who don’t know them or know what Kpop is and how great it is and how it has a good impact not only to the person listening to it but music too.

  • Too much contact

    Compared to army in other countries America is being too violent and very touchy. As an American Army I am very sad to see many of the stans being THAT obsessive. They are humans like us and to touch or do anything to them is too far. . . . . I am very mad.

  • As long as they don't come to the UK

    I live in the UK so I'm completely fine with this horrible band coming. I've listened to several of their songs and they sound horrible, At least to me, But I don't really like Americans and would love to see them get tortured by BTS. Of course people who like BTS wouldn't hate them but most others would

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