• They are responsible for turning men into girls

    Just look at their appearance! I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them and some random girl down the street. If they’re not careful they might end up on the wrong end of my stick. When boys start acting like girls and girls start acting like boys you know there’s something terribly wrong in this world.

  • BTS is a cult

    So many young girls being brainwashed into worshipping some Korean femboys. All they want is their tiny shrimp appendage inside them but there’s only seven of them so tough luck. They spend their days “streaming” their videos and putting it on full blast while fangirling like crazed girls. They need to be put in a mental institution. They need help.

  • BTS needs to quit

    In my opinion, I think they should quit because they sound BAD sorry for BTS lovers but they do and on top of that they are really dirty minded and make dirty songs. My friend USED TO BE really innocent but now that she is BTS OBSESSED idk what has gone into her.

  • Ping pong ching

    Ching ching ping pong harro am junglebook from Bee Chee Ass. So many crazy girls forrow me everywhere screaming my name. Reave me arone beech I just want to rive my rive for goodness sake. I willy rike to put wite man peines in my mouth becus I am woman.

  • The angels who saved most lives. . . QUITTING! ? :(

    Everybody has their likes and dislikes, And its alright that you don't like them, But that doesn't necessarily mean that you would strongly want them to quit. Maybe we do get toxic and 'obsessed' with them, But you're not completing your explanation by considering all the aspects of the story. You plainly aren't seeing the positive outlook over what has taken place within the society due to these band.
    From Black Lives Matter to the Amazon rain forest and UNICEF's End Violence Against Children campaign, This band has changed millions of lives creating a better world to many. Almost every person, Although not part of the ARMY knows that they are really good people.
    When it comes to their music, They really aren't 'dirty'. . . And even if you think so, You really shouldn't talk that way, Without exactly looking into the matter. If i had to quote a few lines from their songs,
    1)'Put your hand on your heart and ask what your dream was,
    What it really was. '
    2)'Don’t be trapped in someone else’s dream. '
    3)'I worked all night, Every day
    While you were out clubbing. '
    and trust me, There's A LOT more. .
    You might have to consider calling their music "dirty", Because their lyrics and songs heighten to another level with all of the inspiration. Dedication and hard work, Which strengthens those who are listening. .
    As a part of ARMY and being someone who listens to their music, I can tell you that if you grabbed a bit of insight into what was really happening behind the word 'obsessed', You'd see quite easily that it carries much more to it. Teenagers who hated themselves have finally started loving themselves after being at the verge of suicide. .
    It isn't some simple music that those fans plug into their ears, To most of us, It is like listening to an angel who saved us from our darkest moments.
    All seven of the members have their stories to tell and it has Clearly affected most of the children and their minds. If i had to state an example, I'd state my favs
    RM went through a really hard childhood with his mother not supporting him with his music, And he also studied really well, That he has a gifted IQ level, Most of the members were bullied throughout their childhood, But they still made it up there and are successful today, Jungook's hard work throughout every single thing, Jin's smile which makes life so much more better, Suga's whole story( with the poverty and pain and all those things). . . . All this, All of it together creates 방탄 소년단(BTS). . . This wholesome band which brings a smile onto most in the society, Really shouldn't be told to quit. . . Not right now, Not ever, Not just because some individuals prefer other types of music, Not just because of these haters, Not just. PERIODT.

  • Not for me, But they shouldn't quit

    First and foremost they are a music group. I'm not a fan of K-Pop nor do I like BTS, But I feel the same way about most pop music and country music. Just because I hate country music doesn't mean I'm going to go around asking whether country music groups should quit.

  • Please understand the world does not revolve around you

    Yeah, No. I'm not a kpop or BTS person, But I have many friends who enjoy listening. While they may be a bit too obsessed, That's what they like. They have a unbelievably large fanbase (maybe a bit toxic), And probably one of the biggest names in the music industry right now. Not everyone will have the same taste in music as you, If you don't like it then don't listen.

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