Should Buddhism be held in higher regard than other religions?

  • Buddhism is worthy of high regard.

    The motion on the floor is currently: "Should Buddhism be held in higher regard than other religions?", not "Should Buddhism be held in higher regard than ALL other religions?". Right now we are deciding whether or not to say that Buddhism is better than the worst religions out there. Were not claiming Buddhism is the best religion, we're simply saying that at least some religions are not skillful and should be abandoned, and that Buddhism does not fall into that group.

    The statement is a general principle. It is up to individuals to decide how they feel. We don't have to pass laws or enforce that others hold Buddhism in high regard in order to agree here and now that Buddhism be held in high regard.

    That being said, the measure of a good religion should be how much benefit you can be sure it will bring to your daily life. Buddhism is one of the only religions where you can prove the teachings are true. The Buddha himself said to test everything you learn to see if it matches your experience.

    The Buddha said to refrain from harsh speech, so since we want to hold Buddhism in high regard we should be careful about not declaring that it is better than other religions. It is something we all decide for ourselves, and hopefully you have decided to hold it in high regard.

    For those reasons Buddhism should be held in higher regard than other religions.

  • You can't prove it is true.

    I like Buddhism- it seems to be more accepting and less materialistic than most religions. However, just like any other religion it can't be proven that it is the "true" religion. Therefore it should not be held in higher regard than any other religion. All religions should be studied and respected.

  • Completely wrong message

    The moment we start taking any religion, Buddhism or otherwise, and start putting it above other religions thus creating a competition between them, we've lost any good there is to be gained from being religious. This isn't supposed to be a contest, it's supposed to be people finding their path and guiding principles.

  • No it should not

    Maybe Buddhism should be held in the same regards to other religions , if not, lower. Buddhism has similar characteristics to other religions in many ways and I am not sure on why Buddhism would be considered in a higher regard to other religions so I will say I disagree.

  • No it shouldn't.

    I think Buddhism is a wonderful religion and one of the best out there, but I don't think that we should favor it more than other religions. There are a lot of decent religions and a lot of bad religions, but it is up to the individual to decide how they feel.

  • Buddhism Not Best

    Nobody should hold Buddhism in higher regard than other religions. It might be a pacifist religion, but that doesn't make it better than the hundreds of other religions in the world. The fact of the matter is that no one religion is better than another despite what people might say or believe.

  • Why hold any?

    Why hold any one religion in higher regard than any other, in the eyes of the law and the secular society? Buddhism teaches great things to its followers and has much to teach people throughout the world, but saying its far better or worse than any other is not productive.

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