• Yes, Budweiser is a great beer that the world deserves.

    Yes, Budweiser is a relatively cheap beer that packs a great flavor and therefore deserves to be marketed around the world. Many countries would love to experience a product that they can envision as being American in some way. It would be almost like American tourism from abroad, and people would get a taste of the beer that is being rebranded as "America" for the summer.

  • No, it doesn't matter where Budweiser is exported

    It does not matter where Budweiser beer is exported. The quality of the beer is low, and people would be better to try and drink a higher quality beverage. Budweiser is also made by a huge corporation, and they don't need any extra profits. It would be better to allow local breweries to make beer for people in their areas.

  • No, there's nothing special about it.

    I've done quite a bit of traveling and had beer from a lot of different countries. Budweiser is not anything special that the world needs to experience. Having said that, I have seen it in other countries, including Kazakhstan of all places, under the name "Bud." If Budweiser can be found in Kazakhstan, it certainly seems to be exported to enough places.

  • Budweiser shouldn't export to more countries

    Budweiser is associated with many things: their pony mascots, for one. But unfortunately they are also associated with aggressive behavior and wild college antics. This isn't the image of America that we want to export to other countries. Therefore, we shouldn't export a product like Budweiser that is so intertwined with those images.

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