• It's dangerous and senseless

    Each year approximately 250.000 bulls die in bullfight. People pay money to watch a fight in which an animal which has never done any harm to them is getting hacked to death. It's senseless how fighters risk their lives for the show, when they can get hurt to death, or leave the fight injured seriously.

  • Yes, bullfighting involves cruelty.

    I cannot think of a more senseless sport than bullfighting. It pits a human being against a bull that could clearly kill the human being. It then disables the bull in various ways to make the bullfighter appear to "win". The bull involved is obviously going through confusion and pain, and its my opinion that anyone who enjoys that sport just enjoys showing off man's domination of animals. It's disgusting to me and accomplishes the reverse of what it is designed to makes the humans look stupid.

  • It Should Be Banned

    Bullfighting is wrong and should banned. It is just as bad as cockfighting or dog fighting. It is wrong on many grounds and is cruelty to animals. It amazes me that bullfighting is actually shown on TV when it is such a bad thing. It is wrong and should be abolished immediately.

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  • I agree with the statement

    The way they treat the poor bulls should be illegal. What some people do to the bulls is an inhumanly act of cruelty. How did humans com to the thought of doing such a mean act? In what world is it right to torture a poor innocent creature that has done nothing to humans? That is why I think bull fighting should definitely be banned.

  • Bullfighting should stop

    Bullfighting is basically like playing with your food and they make the bulls suffer, I don't care if it is an old tradition, It needs to stop NOW! Even though some people think that bulls don't care about what happens to them, But they do! They are scarred to death, And they would LOVE to be eating peacefully in a field!

  • Inhumane killing and death

    Very inhumane, Spain tradition or not it should be banned because it's just pointless slaughter of animals for no real reason but, Entertainment, Thatch like saying a murderer slaughtering people is OK if its his family tradition to kill people. This should be banned and stopped there have been many traditions that have done something inhumane and have been ended for it.

  • Absolute disgraceful behaviour

    If you tortured another human being you would be thrown in prison. All animals have rights they are living things. They suffer spikes stuck in their backs, Are tormented and chased until they can hardly breathe then slaughterd just for entertainment absolute barbaric, Absolutely love it when the knobhead with the red cape gets gored

  • No it should not

    Him and me like to go fight bulls and it is a rush to almost lose your life just for a traditon me and my buddy are bow paralized because we went to fight 3 bulls at once and they all hit me at the same time and my buddy tried to help me and got attekd

  • Bullfighting is a Spain tradition.

    Spain has been Bullfighting for years. If they banned Bullfighting many people would lose their jobs. Also the meat from the bull is cut up right after and usually donated to the homeless shelters. Last of all Bullfighting has been around for a really long time and hasn't caused any problems until now.

  • No it should not.

    I do not understand bullfighting very much, but I was under the impression that it was just a guy who acts almost like a rodeo clown. He lets the bull charge him and he moves out of the way. If I am wrong though and bullfighting actually causes harm to the bull, than yes it should be banned.

  • It's A Very Old Tradition.

    It is a very old and important tradition in the spanish culture, not to mention it is there chose to do that if they get hurt its no one else's fault. The way that bulls die in bullfighting is a lot less brutal then how animals die in factories that make them in to food. SO SHUT UP AND DEAL WITH THEIR TRADITION ITS NON OF YOUR BUSINESS TO GET RID OF IT ANYWAY.

  • No worse than the beef industry

    Bullfight bulls have to be 5 years old. For the first five years of their life, they are pampered. Compared that to the beef industry, where bulls much younger than that are killed after living in a very cramped pen filled with feces. In addition, the bull has a chance to win.

  • No, its a tradition as old as time

    As long as the bulls are being treated right before they work, there is no question that this should continue. The tradition of Bull Fighting is as old as time, and part of so many cultures that it would be disrespect to take it out. I do think there can be some safe guards in play to prevent mistreatment.

  • Important part of Spain

    I really don't have an argument other than the fact that the banning of such an important part of Spanish culture would result similarly to the prohibition. It's one of those things that we shouldn't stop doing after hundreds of years just because some people don't like it. That is all.

  • Cruel To Ban It

    These bulls are a particular breed that have no other commercial use. They live on large corrals as wild bulls, in a perfect natural existance. If we ban bullfighting this breed dies out. Therefore, because the manner of the bulls death is cruel, we condem them to no life at all. How do you think they will be allowed to have any life, in a zoo? To me, not allowing an animal to have a life, because it's death offends you, is the cruellest thing of all.

  • We ban bull fighting

    I think we shall ban bull fighting for good! Why you say well lots of bulls die in pain or drop down in death. Another reason is people just want to make the women think that they are one of the best? People are dumb if they think that they can kill other bulls for fun. Bull fighting shall be ban forever what about you?

  • Yes and No

    Bullfighting is cruel and inhumane, but I personally do not think foreign persons should have an influence on the tradition of another culture. I think if the people who live in a country want it banned should have it banned. But if it doesn't take place in your country and is not a tradition of your country then you should not try to change the traditions of others.

  • Response to Criticisms

    For a start, proponents of bullfighting point out that the animal is eaten afterwards, so the animal's death is not in vain. They also claim that the animal does not suffer greatly during the event - a good bullfighter will kill the bull efficiently. The strength of this argument is questionable - while the final kill is quick, the abuse the bull sustains during the fight is prolonged.
    The idea that abattoirs always kill in the most painless and efficient way is said to be a myth. With the number of bulls that die each year in bullfighting tiny compared to the number that die in the meat trade, the campaign against bullfighting is seen to be a waste of resources when there are far more animals dying in unfit slaughterhouses than in the bullring. Of course, the barbarity of abattoirs does not excuse cruelty of a bullfight. But it does suggest that a disproportionate amount of time is being spent on protesting against bullfighting when there are bigger animal cruelty battles to fight.

    There is also an argument against the idea that we eat meat out of necessity and bullfighting is for 'fun'. The truth is that vegetarianism is a viable alternative to meat-eating and that all meat-eaters do it 'for fun'. Whether your fun comes in the form of a 20-minute visual spectacle or a juicy hamburger, some might argue the result is the same.

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