• Make bullies suffer!!!!

    THEY Always MAKE PEOPLE SUFFER! THEY SUCK !@#$ THEM! THEY SHOULD BE EXPELLED!!!! 111111111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 HH H H H HJ H H H HJ H H H H H H H HJ J GG G G G GG GH F F

  • Bullies shouldnt be expelled from school

    Everyone says bullying is bad but, i of course say its good. I think so because bullying helps in overcoming fear. For example, there were many children who were bullied are now one among the bravest.It might be their habit too. They can be punished but not expelled from school

  • I think so.

    I have been bullied all my life if some one tells the bully to stop they wwill not they most of the time take it as a joke. So if that is the only way to stop it then I say let it be. Please take conciteration of this. Thanks

  • Well it depends

    It depends on what the bully has done to the child, like if they get killed or quits school because they can't handle the amount of pressure that they are getting bullied. I might be impossible in another opinion that they shouldn't get expelled, but in my opinion, it depends on the pressure that the innocent child is getting bullied.

  • Bullies should be punished, but not expelled.

    Bullies should be punished, and possibly isolated from other students to a point, but they should not be expelled. Expelling them does not solve the problem of why they are bullies and it will hinder them in life and work. They may be more inclined to bully due to the fact that they no longer feel a reason not to.

  • Bullies should not be expelled from school.

    Bullies should not be expelled from school. What kind of message does this send? These bullies need help. They need to stay in school so they can have the benefit of a good education and they need to get the mental help that they need to be able to function in society without feeling the need to bully anyone.

  • Stop bullying bullies

    Bullies are no good but also kicking bullies out of school just means that we are no better than them .Also if someone is expelled from school there way more likely to give up and drop out of an alternative school so with that being said bullies should just be discipline it for their actions but should have their education taken away from them

  • Not for most bullying

    Expulsion can have a tremendously negative impact on someone's life. If someone is expelled they are more likely to choose to just give up and drop out of school at some point rather than trying to succeed at an alternative school.

    Bullies should be disciplined, but most bullies are just ordinary school children who made a mistake. Look back at your own childhood and be honest and you will probably notice at least a couple of times you were the bully. Self-conscious adolescents often are insecure and put other people down to feel better. It's wrong and they should be disciplined appropriately, and more importantly counseled appropriately so that they learn more constructive ways to deal with their feelings. The solution is not to demonize bullies. Then we are no better than the bullies.

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