• Could've saved sweet innocent people

    People have committed suicide from bullying. People have repeatedly harassed them physically and mentally to their breaking point. This could have saved lives. If you are a good person, then you should have nothing to worry about. Even if no one seriously had physically gotten hurt, they still get hurt emotionally for a long time. All of you saying no must be bullies or have never been bullied before. We really need to stop this soon. Bullying is totally different from a friendly tease. The right of expressing your self ends where someone's right to the pursuit of happiness begins you ignorant jerks.

  • Bulling is wrong to do

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  • Save More Lives!

    Bullies should be fined. In the past few years, bullying has been increasing. It’s not just teenagers, but young kids and even adults. There is a group called “Stand for the Silent,” by Laura and Kirk Smalley whom offer tools and education to fight bullying, and they go across America from state to state talking about bullying, especially about their son Ty Smalley who was only 11 and committed suicide. Bullying is a serious crime. It doesn’t just happen face to face, but more commonly over the internet. With bullying being fined it can save lives, the person who is bullying, in hopes, will realize that it is wrong, and that they are no better than the person who they are picking on. The opposition may say that telling the bully to stop will make everything go away, but in reality it’s hard to express yourself in today’s society because you have to worry about someone making fun of one, or saying mean things about oneself behind their back. In the article “Parents can be ticketed, fined for child's bullying in Wisconsin town,” by Fox News, say that the parent or guardian must be informed by an officer of a separate bullying violation by the same individual within the past 90 day before they would face a fine. Fox News reports first-time offenders would face a fine of $114, and subsequent violations within the same year would carry fines of $177 each. With all of this, it will teach the bullies a lesson that not everyone is the same, and they don’t need to bully someone because of it. Bullies should be fined.

  • It Will Be Better To Ban It!

    No Of Course. It's break the rules of human rights. We must let other people express them self. Cuz we all have one life to live and manage our own business!

    Beside that, we must introspection ourself and make sure we perfect before we judge people or even threat them! Hey who say we perfect? NO BODY IS PERFECT!

  • Here's my story...

    I was a victim of bullies. Since primary 4 i was bullied by the same person and her family. She always called me names, Hit me everything you could imagine. My friends got bullied by her to but not as much. People always say that its due to jealousy or something like that. But that's not what it was in this case. The girl i was bullied by this is like her hobby. She bullied everyone and i mean everyone. She'd go from one to the other but she would never leave me alone. She started bullying my sister too when she reached primary 6. I was upset all the time. I didn't want to go to school. The teachers in my school tried to sort it but it didn't work. The police got involved in some situations to as out of school her dad threatened my sister... When i got to Secondary school she still bullied me. I told the headteacher all the time but he didn't do anything apart from guve her warnings. She started bullying others again to. Her family got my dad fired from his job. The girls brother started bullying my brother. The sister then too got involved and then eventually the mother to. It would never end. But eventually as i got older it got to the point that every time she saw me she would have to say something.. Anything.. I told the head teacher and he just gave us two separate sides of the school to use the stairs as she would always push me down them of something like that. The dad was told not to pick her child up in the school car park as he didn't stop the car at the zebra crossing when it was just me crossing the road. He would always give me dirty looks. Once he even followed my mum and my brother round the store, until my mum phoned my dad and he came in the shop. The family is a nightmare. Eventually i new not to retaliate as that's what the bullies wanted. All they want is to see you upset. So here's a tip to everyone out there who is getting bullied. Ignore them, just walk past them if they say anything to you just don't even look at them that's what i did and guess what.. She stopped. She stopped bullying me :) Since that happened the head teacher gave us the stairs back and everything was all right until my sister came to the school. All the bullying started again. The teachers would still give her warnings even though they know they have bullied us since primary school. It was getting out of control. Then one day she got kicked out of school. That was the best day of our lives. Now i only get things said about my appearance by people. I just ignore them. My life's better now... :) So just ignore the bully They will eventually stop...

  • What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

    Bullies should not be fined for their actions. Bullies should not be fined for bullying others because the majority of the time they are kids and kids do not know what they are doing. They are still growing as individuals and learning right from wrong. The kids who are the bullies may have a hard life at home or they do not have the parents to guide them in the right direction.
    Some may say that bullies need to be fined because it is causing people emotional and sometimes even physical pain. However if the kids do not listen to what the bully is saying and do not let it get to them then they will not be as emotionally hurt. Kids that get bullied may even build up traits that they would have never had before if they did not get bullied. Some also think that it will decrease the chances of kids being bullied or even stop it all together. Although this may help a little, kids will find a new way of bully their classmates. The opposition may think a solution would be that the parents should get fined for their kids’ actions. They should not get fined for their kids actions because many kids do not listen to what their parents have to say, and the parents could be unaware of the situation.
    If the kids do not feel like they can handle confronting the bully alone, they can tell a trusted adult at their school or their home that can help them stop the bullying. If the bullying is getting out of control they can get the principle involved or even the police. There are many different way that bullying can be stopped without making the bully pay fees. According to the website, cewritingcontest, bullies should not be fined or kicked out of school; instead they need to be educated on the right behaviors. They also say that a way to help stop bullying is through group counseling. Bullies should not be fined for bullying others because most of the time this will not solve the problem. The bullies need to be properly educated on the right way to handle situations and what is considered good behaviors and what is not.

  • They're damn kids.

    First of all, they are kids. They have no idea what they're doing. They might have a bad life at home, or bad influences.

    Second, however this may not be the case for all, the victim can build up traits that they would have otherwise never had. They can become strong and resist the bully.

    Yes bullying is bad, but there are other ways to stop it.

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