Should bullies be held criminally liable when their victims commit suicide?

  • If the Facts can Be Shown, than ABSOLUTELY

    THEIR HAS BEEN ,400 DEATHS A YEAR CAUSED BY BULLYING. That is just ob-sure. In reality that causes harm should be punished. Millions of kids a getting hurt by people that just want attention. WE ALL have to try to make a change because we never know if your child is the next victim. Word KILL and so do actions.

  • Absolutely 100% yes.

    I was absolutely tormented, harassed, bullied, emotionally and psychologically abused where I used to work. This went on for 5 years, and was the most horrific and difficult time in my life. I suffered with severe anxiety and depression, and was very suicidal on one occasion, and it was the darkest and most difficult night of my life.
    I was intimidated, bullied and harassed at work because of another illness I have where I am unwell from time to time. I have all the symptoms of MS, but have not yet got a diagnosis. Anyways, because of my illness, this was how I was treated at work, by my work colleagues, but mostly by managers, supervisors, and very high managers where I used to work.
    Many people in my situation would have left their employment, but I stayed and fought back. I learned employment law, and stood up to the bullies. However, no matter how much I stood up to them they got worse, and I was treated worse at work for standing my ground, learning the law, and refusing to be forced out of my job because of an illness that was not my fault. I suffered a number of nervous breakdowns, and was in and out of hospital because of the constant horrific abuse I was been exposed to. After trying to get help from a number of unions who were absolutely useless, I finally got a legal team from one of the unions I joined. I issued my employer with legal proceedings for the High Court, and also issued them with proceedings for the Labour Court. I won my case in the Labour Court, and after a considerable amount of time, my employer settled my case out of the High Court setting.
    My colleagues, supervisors, and all the managers knew exactly what they were doing, and put me through absolute hell and back to try and force me out of my job. It was wrong, and in my eyes was absolute criminal behaviour.
    Bullying and harassment, and horrific treatment by employers is something I am working on, as I now want employers exposed for the murder they get away with, especially in the current climate. There is a huge rise in suicide in this country in recent years, a lot of it applicable to the recession, I ask how many suicides were due to bullying, harassment, intimidation, pressure, stress and strain in the workplace???
    I hope this issue can be exposed by the media, as it affects everyone, everyday when they go into work. I'm also looking into getting employment law changed, and I am 100% behind the fact that anyone who bullies, intimidates, or abuses another person should be criminally prosecuted. It was absolute hell what I went through, and it is an invisible issue, that needs to be raised by the government and exposed by the media.

  • Bullying People Heads to Suicide

    Yes, bullies should be held criminally liable because they are the people who created the trouble for the suicidal victim. People should understand that bullying does not give you nothing but fear. Bullies are known to create trouble and insult others about how they look and what race they are. This can also get physical and the bully gets more aggressive and starts abusing the victim. This leads to the victim thinking how to leave this world due to the disrespect they had gotten from the bully. There are proved links to suicidal behavior and ideas in those who have experienced bullying.

  • If it can be proven.

    If it can be proven that the bully's actions led directly to the victim's suicide, then they should be held responsible in the same way that anyone who contributes to the death of another should be. I think that in the majority of cases, it is impossible to definitively prove it-- but if it is, they should suffer the consequences of their actions.

  • If it can be proven, then yes, definitely.

    As long as it can be proven that the bully is the one guilty, they should be punished, or at least fined. You never know, though. There could have been other problems at home or somewhere else. If you just let the bully get away with it, though, they might keep finding more victims to land on and make them feel bad. I reckon there definitely should be a punishment included.

  • If it can be proven yes

    Like that girl in Missouri who killed her self because a parent of one of her former friends made a fake myspace to see if she was saying anything bad about their daughter. That is cyberbullying and those adults should have gone to prison for murder. Words do hurt even if people don't think they hurt.

  • Bullying can kill

    Yes, if their is proof. It may be very hard to prove, but bullying has severe consequences and bullies should be held accountable.
    Bullying needs to be taken very seriously it can destroy someone's life. There are proven links to suicidal behaviour and ideation in those who have experienced bullying.

  • Yes or No

    I 100% agree. If the child getting bullied is feeling worthless and helpless because of the bully then they feel like they have no purpose in life, so they take it. I believe that bullies should be responsible for their actions, but some of those actions could also come from a bad home life or influence that lead them towards bulling, but i do believe they should be responsible for their actions because they are their own person. Lets feel for the bullied, but also the Bullies.

  • The Threats, Physicality, and Words

    Kids can go way too far with bullying by saying "you should kill yourself." with texts, emails, or even saying It to them. Bullies can go too far and it gets out of control and faces with the kids taking their own life because of listening to the bullies thinking they have no power to protect themselves and defend.

  • Yes Bullies should be held responsible

    People who say "No" are uneducated and ignorant. In situations like this you need to ask your self, "If someone I loved killed them self because they were being bullied, would I want the person responsible to take legal responsibility?" I know I would, and a lot of times the parents aren't aware that their kid is a bully or a victim of bulling. It should be considered Manslaughter, (even though they may not have meant to drive them to death but they still did) Bullies need to learn that actions have consequences, and you never know what is going on in a another persons life. Even if the bully has a bad home life that is not a real excuse to make other peoples lives miserable. Kids need to learn young that you don't have to turn every bad experience into a horrible thing, you can turn bad experiences into a good future by using that experience to do good not evil.

  • This is ridiculous

    If someone commits suicide because of something someone else said, it just shows that the person is not strong enough. In schools, they are unable to survive bullying. What makes you think thety willl survive reality? Do think. Besides there are many factors leading to suicide. Its ridiculous how only a case of bullying can take away someone's life.

  • We are each responsible for our own actions.

    While I think bullying is despicable behavior, I also believe that each individual is personally responsible for his or her own actions against others or against one's self. Suicide can also be called self homicide. A bully is guilty of delivering demeaning actions or words to another person, but the bully is not guilty of another individual's action of self homicide. The individual who commits self homicide is guilty of taking his or her own life and only he or she bears that responsibility. Consider the following possible scenario: I am bullied. I allow the bullying to affect me mentally and emotionally. In my mental and emotional distress, I choose to inflict physical harm upon an innocent neighbor and that neighbor dies, thus making me guilty of homicide. I blame my actions on the person who has been bullying me. But, who actually killed my neighbor? Who is actually responsible for my actions? Who is actually responsible for my emotions and thoughts? Any anger management class teaches that each individual owns and is responsible for his or her own emotions and actions. Therefore, if I commit homicide against another person or against myself, then I am the responsible party, regardless of what emotions or thoughts I allowed myself to entertain as justification for my actions.

    I actually was bullied as a child. I was the 'runt' of my class until I was about 14 or 15 years old, and I didn't really fit in among the majority of my peers. Maybe I was a "nerd." Yes, I had low moments emotionally as a result of some of the behavior that other children directed toward me. However, I do not recall ever considering taking my own life. I was continually encouraged by my parents to be myself and to not allow what others said and did to affect my self image of who or what I wanted to be in life. I was taught to 'turn the other cheek' or ignore bullies, but I was also taught to stand up for myself when necessary. In essence, I was taught to be nice until it's time to not be nice anymore. I was taught personal responsibility, for my own emotions, thoughts, and actions.

    The real solution to ending bullying must begin with parents in the home and continue with faculty in schools and employers in the work place. There must be real and effective consequences to bullying. At the same time, a real solution to ending suicide must also begin with parents in the home, instilling value and values into their children, nurturing and developing personalities who will be responsible for his or her own thoughts, emotions, and actions, and who will strive to live each day to make a positive difference in our world.

    And those whom we elect or appoint to sit in judgment regarding issues such as these must remember to make the punishment fit the crime, and to assign guilt appropriately.

  • Get real folks. You've got to be kidding me.

    Analogy: If I cheat on my wife, she finds out and kills herself, am I a murderer? No. The folks who say string up the bullies need to remember a phrase that serves society quite well: Personal Responsibility. If I killed myself because someone told me to or b/c they picked on me then it's my lack of basic resilience. Luckily, we live in a republic, not a simple democracy, so no murder charges for bullies. Really folks? What's next, murder charges for the repo man, loan officers, and gallivanting spouses? GTFOMF! Real talk: think w/ your head, not your heart, it serves the greater good. Case closed.

  • Stop before it starts

    I feel it depends on the type of bullying (physical/cyber etc) and the extent to which it was happening. You need to be able to prove they had an intent to make the person feel this way etc and you need to prove it was them. Why not catch it before it happens instead of then complaining when it does?

  • It is the victims choice

    No, bullying does not always affect suicide rates in adolescents. Some adults view bullying as “just part of being a kid”. There are many other factors that contribute to one committing suicide as well (Bullying Statistics 1). In many cases of suicide, it is hard to hold people criminally accountable for the death because of all the different factors that most likely contributed to the suicide. Mood disorders are found in thirty two percent of teenagers, and forty-seven percent had acquired depression symptoms that choose to commit suicide, and that is an extremely large factor, sometimes being larger than bullying (Scientific Blogging). Other factors that can lead to one committing suicide include, parental issues/divorce, mental disorders, an unfriendly environment, lack of support from family and friends, drug use, the possibilities are endless!

    Psychologist Emily Bazelon wrote a different opinion of the Pheobe Prince case. After researching Prince’s case, she determined that Prince had been cutting and self-harming before she moved into Massachusetts, and into South Hadley (Sandler 1). Self-harm is already a factor for suicide. Pheobe’s parents were also separating when the moved from Ireland, her father had stayed behind in Ireland to pursue advertisement while Pheobe moved with her mother, who pursued teaching (Bazelon 2). Pheobe missed her father extremely, and even wrote an English essay about the kind days between her and her father. Interestingly enough, she also choose the book Cutting: Understanding and Overcoming Self: Mutilation by Steven Levenkron, instead of a classic book such as her peers chose (Bazelon 3). Pheobe’s mother, Anne O’Brien had already reported that Pheobe had begun to self harm in 2008 when the family still lived in Ireland. She described Pheobe as “the type of kid who would never fight back.” (Bazelon 3). When Pheobe transferred into South Hadley High School, she started anew. Also, Pheobe has been perscirbed Seroquel, a drug used to treat mood disorders. She later “swallowed” it after having a talk with her later perpetrators, and her mother rushed Pheobe to the hospital, where she was hospitalized for a week (Bazelon 4). For the next following weeks, Pheobe’s relationships with the students worsened, to more “bullies” and name calling.

    A few hours before Pheobe died she sent this text to her male friend, “I cant do it anymore ... Im literally hme cryn, my scar on my chest is potentially permanent, my bodies fukd up wht mre du they want frm me? Du I hav to fukn od!” (Bazelon 8). The boy text back reassuring Pheobe that she was a good person. Yet Pheobe killed herself a few hours later. What actually caused the bullying though was that Pheobe got into separate conflicts with separate kids, who then decided to use cruel tactics to make Pheobe uncomfortable with herself.

  • Our first Amendment

    Although bullying is a despicable thing, verbal harassment through insults or bullying through gestures such as glaring, eye-rolling etc that supposedly leads to the victim's suicide are all allowed under the First Amendment of freedom of speech and expression. It is unfair to make bullies criminally liable when they may not know that they will make the victim commit suicide. Kids, especially youths are very aggressive and may do stupid things that they later would look back on and regret. Usually in high school reunions, old bullies and victims may even have a laugh remembering their school days and their antics. To ruin a young person's life with a murder or equally debilitating criminal charge because of verbal abuse is unfair. It will set a dangerous precedent that would undermine our right of freedom of speech. Such a law outlawing free expression in any form only belongs in a totalitarian government.

  • No I don't think bullies should be held criminally liable when their victims commit suicide

    I say that because they really can't be proven to be the main culprit for one thing, only assumed. You can't know what other problems the kid may have had on their own regardless of the bully's actions. There could have been several different things that drove the kid to suicide for all you knew.

    Secondly......if anything I think either the parents or the school system itself should be the ones held liable for allowing the bullying to get so bad. They have the ability to put a stop to it, and often times they fail and fail miserably to do so. If you wanna punish anyone, punish them, don't punish one who really is unaware as of yet as to the true consequences of his or her actions.

    So no, for several reasons I don't think bullies should be held criminally liable for a victims' suicide.

  • No that wouldn't be fair.

    I don't think you can make a bully criminally responsible for a victim's suicide. Although what they did might be wrong, they might not have known their actions would make the victim commit suicide and that wasn't their intention. I think bullies should be handled inside of the school or by the parent's not by the law.

  • Everyone is bullied, but only a few kill themselves.

    If people took their own lives, then they had some serious problems. I know that I, along with everyone else have been on both sides of bullying. Bullying has been going on for decades, but it is now, in the era of anti-bullying programs, that suicides have risen. By blaming the bullies for an irrational choice that their victims made, we make suicide seem justifiable to the mind of the bullied child. By giving presentations on how bullying has led to kids killing themselves, schools portray suicide as a normal reaction to bullying. We should instead emphasize that suicide is never acceptable, and teach kids to "man up" because bullies will never go away.

  • Why would they

    People do it them selfs i didn't do it they did and maybe theirs mommy and daddy issues or to kind of like piggyback on that a little bit. The parents could be taking their anger out on the child and the child (bully) may thunk thats right so then he\she will think its the right thing to do.

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Anonymous says2013-03-07T05:39:40.053
As long as it can be proven that the bully is the one guilty, they should be punished. at least neverknow though. there could have been other problems at home or somewhere else. if you just let the bully get away though, they might keep finding more victims to land on and make them feel bad. i reckon ther definetly should be a punishment included.