• I HATE bullies

    I have been bullied a lot and I hate it. Bullies do not know what they do to their victims. I am pretty sensitive. Those who bully others should be punished in a way. This is a very good way to punish bullies. I hope this side wins this debate.

  • Bulles are mean

    Bullies are really mean and rude. Why do they do that to kids? I hate bullies! Why are bullies so mean to other student? They make others fell wrong. Once I heard a story about a bullie that bullied a person for a year. The person that was bullied competed suside

  • Yes they should

    Because they effect others education. They make people focus off the work and education there meant to be getting. Some one speaking to the bully isnt going to stop them from ddoing anything. Bully also make people want to not come to school, and makes school hell for people. If they were gone, school would be a lot pleasant for people, and people wouldn't have to worry or get angry and would have a good education. Plus theres loads more schools out there for bullies, even though they should just be home schooled, to prevent any one else from being bullied.

    A bully could mentally damage someone for ever too.

  • They know what they are doing

    A bully can cause harm to another student in which case is not fair for the victim to be forced to stay in such a hostile environment daily for being themselves. Why should a bullies stay in school if they are picking on other students instead focusing on their own education.

  • Of course they should!

    Bullies ruin so many kids lives and make it miserable for them to have to go to school. The bullies only get worse and worse as the years go by, so I think it's best to just get rid of them so kids don't have to worry about getting beaten up, or picked on.

  • They cause problems!!

    Bullies cause emotional and physical problems. According to
    Students who are bullied are more likely to:
    -feel disconnected from school and not like school
    -have lower academic outcomes, including lower attendance and completion rates
    -lack quality friendships at school
    -display high levels of emotion that indicate vulnerability and low levels of resilience
    -be less well accepted by peers, avoid conflict and be socially withdrawn
    -have low self-esteem
    -have depression, anxiety, feelings of loneliness and isolation
    -have nightmares
    -feel wary or suspicious of others
    -have an increased risk of depression and substance abuse
    in extreme cases, have a higher risk of suicide, however, the reasons why a person may be at risk of suicide are extremely complicated.
    They also cause many things that can lead to adulthood

  • Bullies are heartless

    They are not fear. They don't care about anyone, but themselves. Today when I was in school the bully punched me just for not giving him my lunch nor homework. I always report to the teacher or principal, but they didn't do a single thing about it I think they were afraid

  • People get hurt

    Sometimes i get bullied and it suck i just want people to be happy and nice to people. Its a horrible thing if you witness it. I hate it and just want someone to do something about it. So please try to get bullies kicked out of school thanks and bye

  • Should bullies be kicked out of school?

    I think that yes bullies should be kicked out of school because they cause harm to other students. So they should be kicked out of school eve if the harm isn't physical. This would not only insure the safety of the rest of the student body but also the safety of the faculty.

  • Bullies should be kicked out of school

    Bullies should be kicked out of school for many reasons.First reason bullies should be kicked out school is because they make other kids feel miserable. Also they are very mean to other children. Another reason bullies should be kicked out of school is they boss kids around all the time.

  • Compassion is Important

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
    Martin Luther King said this quote, and this quote can be applied to this situation. When I was younger I was bullied a lot, I always wanted pay back. However when the day I got my revenge, it was bitter sweet. I didn't fill in the void I had. I didn't make me feel any better. We cannot use methods of driving a bully out of school as a means of justice. Instead we should understand why did they become bullies. It is about teaching them to become better people that benefit society. Bullying is something serious, and yes, sometimes the unthinkable happens to the bullied. However if we kick a bully out of school we may ruins a kids life forever. The bully may have ruined someone else life, however this cycle of hatred won't do anyone good. Hatred is the thing that slowly eats away at your soul, it slowly turns you into the bully. Bullies do need to be dealt with severity, however we should allow then to slowly become the people we want them to be. However this all depends on how we respond to the issue

  • Bullies should because

    They need an education. All your really sound is giving up on that kid. Number 1 that kid probably doesn't know what they are doing. Also they may have issues at home and don't know how to deal with it. And last they may just have a problem and don't know how to express. You just have to pull that person aside and say hey is there something going on why are you messing with him or her. You have to be gentle a understanding so you can help but never give up there is always hope even for the worst bully there is. Bye

  • It sucks ballz

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  • Bullies shouldn't be kicked out of school

    I say they shouldn't be kicked out because they have a right to learn, but most bullies have a rough life at home and they should get punishment for bullying because it is wrong. Those bullies out there in the world instead of bringing hate and cruelty towards them that is only going to make the problem in the bullies lives worse making them bully you more. Try this give the bullies 21 days and show them kindness and love even if they don't like you it will give them sometime to think about what they were doing to an innocent person like you. You can be the one to change their lives around from being a bully to the nicest person you know because you helped them because you gave them the loving kindness and care that they don't get from their parents or teachers. You can be the one that changes their life. What comes around goes around think about this and send this to someone you know that is being bullied and encourage them not to retaliate against the bully. What did Jesus do when the pharisees hated him and wanted him killed, instead of him retaliating he showed loving kindness to the pharisees they didn't know what they were doing so we should do the same for the bullies out there that don't know what they are doing. So be the mature one and show them love, kindness, and forgiveness be the one to change their lives. Who knows they may be the nicest person you ever meet.

  • The bullies need an education too

    Everyone has a right to an education. Kids who are bullies often have a lot of problems, to deny them an education as well will just add to those problems.

    They need a supportive and consistent environment. If you just chuck them out on the streets they will end up getting in trouble and becoming a burden on society.

  • It honestly depends on the situation.

    What exactly are we teaching children by doing this? Absolutely nothing. Not many students attend school because they actually want to. I remember in my junior high years when bullies would be subject to some silly task as punishment, like scraping gum from beneath a desk or picking up scraps of paper and recycling. I think it would be better to actually teach the bully why it was wrong, then punish them with something reasonable. Kicking those bullies out only shuns them, ignores their own reasons for bullying (ex. Abuse at home), and creates a headache for the justice system when the bully grows up and gets into more serious things like assault and murder.

  • I was body slamed

    Every one deserves a chance to change, and by kicking bullies out and ignoring them takes that chance away! It's crule, and it's just as bad as bullying . What I'm trying to say is they need help, an we need to give them the help or nothing will change

  • They can do suicide

    When they get kicked out they can become depressed and they will start doing suicide. Also they will just find the kid at their neighboorhood so they would just get jumped and the victim won't get help. Finally, their I'd no way the victim can escape from the billy so you just made it a death trap,

  • They need/deserves a second chance

    If we take a bullies education away theres a chance they'll never have a normal feature like us, therefore a simple mistake that we made at least once has literally has ruined there lives which could end up to them becoming a abusive parent who doesn't care anything but hurting people.

  • I won't really prove why bullies shouldn't be kicked out of school, which I think they shouldn't, but will explain stuff relating to the topic.

    Bullies have been known to be mean and tough. Bullies can be created, mostly because they've suffered emotionally in their past; whether it's jealousy or abuse, verbally, physically, or both. Bullies, then inflict their pain and grief onto another person. The persons' actions as a bully can affect their victim greatly. The victim would feel depressed, sad, vengeful, angry, confused. But, if you could have a chance to inflict the same actions on your bullies from the past, would you? Think about it; you have suffered emotionally inside and now you are going to inflict the pain and grief your bully inflicted you with in the past. You become nothing but another bully.
    I understand that depression is hard to overcome whether it is caused by a bully or some tragic event in the past, there is always a way to overcome depression. You can either chose to let depression overwhelm, leaving you sad, lonely, isolating yourself from the world or try to get help from a close friend or parent. I know it isn't easy, but there is always a way to overcome it, just have to chose which path to take.

    "To err is human, to forgive, divine"
    -Alexander Pope

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