• It would help...

    I was recently bullied over my feelings for someone and for legal reasons for the school, they couldn't really do anything. My bully didn't get punished, not even a detention! They were able to carry on their life, and yet I have to try and carry on without any justice.

  • Why should bullying NOT be punished? Think about it.

    Bullying is punished, but not in an effective way. Yes, a teacher will call in a student and talk to them saying, "That was not right!" or "You should not do that!" However, the kids shake it off and think, "Is that it? That is all that will happen to me?" and continue to do the exact same things! There needs to be more severe punishments for bullying. Otherwise, it will continue to be a growing problem. Your choice. Enforce no bullying in schools and outside of schools, or lead to more deaths and more bullying.

  • Bullying is unacceptable.

    Bullying is overlooked too often. I don't see why it is acceptable to physically or mentally abuse somebody. Bullying is cruel and uncivilized. I personally think corporal punishment is necessary to teach children right and wrong. Maybe the manner in which corporal punishment was carried out could be considered cruel or unnecessary but society and the education sector have gone to the extreme of not punishing children and showing them right from wrong. In many cases it seems like bad behavior is rewarded and this is unacceptable.

  • Bullies should be punished.

    They should be punished severely, and whoever disagrees are probably bullies as well. Those bullies make life a living hell for students. And when they fight back, they get in trouble.
    There was this one kid who would humiliate me, and I retaliated and got in trouble. Nearly got suspended. So yes, punish them. Do to them what they do to their victims!

  • Bullies have taken things too far and need to a big awakening!

    I think that bullies, when they take things too far, should be handled by the criminal justice program. I believe this because there are kids all around me that are suffering from depression, cutting, suicide and much more. I personally am being bullied and the school board system does jack. How many poor adolescents need to die before someone actually does anything more than an inspiring flash mob? That doesn't change bullies' minds. The only thing it does is keep these victims around for a couple more days. And I'm not saying that's not a great step, because it is, but if the bullies don't take responsibility for their actions, nothing will change! Kids don't care if they get suspended! Woohoo, no school! If they are not threatened with jail time, juvenile detention or fines, they will continue thinking it's all one big fun game! It's time to make a change in this world and that time is now!

  • It's a half-and-half situation.

    I think they should learn their lesson. So many students in their schools have been bullied and start getting ideas that they shouldn't be alive. But at the same time I think they shouldn't because violence or revenge are not the answer. Nothing like this should ever happen in schools or anywhere. Anyone who gets bullied should immediately tell an adult about it.

  • Bullies should be punished for their actions

    If it is a verbal bully, they should receive a warning. If they don't improve their behavior, they should be suspended. The punishment should become expulsion after that. A physical bully should immediately be expelled. Many schools preach about putting a stop to bullying but they don't take enough action. The child being bullied needs to know to tell an adult ASAP. There was a kid that used to bully my little brother. He would call my brother names, steal his toys and break them. He even got to the point where he was getting a little violent

  • Bullies

    Yes, bullies should definitely be punished for the torment that they cause other people and children. Children getting picked on at school is one reason why kids get depressed, start using drugs, and commit suicide. Just because someone is different doesn't mean they need to be picked on by a mean bully.

  • Bullies need to learn right from wrong.

    Bullying is more than just harmless fun and joking around, it has resulted in suicides at the worst and at best, children feeling alienated or feeling depressed. Bullying is not okay and bullies should definitely be punished for their actions in order to learn that it isn't okay and there will be consequences. Taking action and punishing bullies is the only way to prevent and try to stop the bullying before it leads to something horrible.

  • Always be punished!

    Bullies should always be punished for their actions. I was bullied quite a bit in high school and no one was ever punished for their actions. I think if bullies were ever confronted and reprimanded for their actions, there would be a lot less bullying taking place. I also think there should be some sort of counseling for both parties involved, as well.

  • When was the Last Time YOU ever called someone a name?

    Really? Would you like to be sent to jail for name calling? Kids from all over the world are teasing each other. Would you like to get sent to jail for name calling? There is a better way to end bullying. Bullies should look for help. Many people bully because something bad is happening them. Maybe their house burned and they lost their precious items. Maybe they lost a relative who passed away. Who knows? They probably have been bullied as well. JUST THINK ABOUT IT...

  • It depends on the definition of "bully."

    While physical assault and violence should certainly be punished and there are other things which are very obviously unacceptable.

    When it comes to other less overt actions, however, there are a lot of grey areas and I think we should be careful before labeling every behavior which hurts another as "bullying" to be nipped in the bud.

    I was called a nerd and a dork sometimes. I was isolated sometimes. I turned out just fine. Some of the things that I suffered in my adolescence would be considered cruel "bullying" today, but back then it was just kids being kids.

    I turned out to be a fully functioning citizen able to easily have healthy, satisfying adult relationships. I guess since nobody ever told me I was a victim, I just cried a few tears in the bathroom stall and then got on with my life.

    I think our society is getting overzealous in our quest to make everyone feel good. Common courtesy is of utmost importance, but from childhood kids also need to be exposed to the life lessons that sometimes people aren't going to like you and there's nothing you can do about it. The sooner they learn to cope with life, the better off they'll be.

  • You cant stop bullies.

    Well you cant reakky stop them because if you will call a bully and tell him stop bullying that person he will go and bully him even more by saying you complain again you will have problems. The teachers will think that it actually stopped even though its more now i think stoping bullying is just like stoping racism. IMPOSSIBLE!!!

  • I'm not saying that the they shouldn't be punished, but just to make sure the punishment fits the damage...

    Sometimes people go overboard with the hatefulness towards bullies, always determined to make sure the bullies, "get what they deserve" and that they will, "make them think twice." But truthfully, I think that if bullies will ever be good people, they will need some help to get them there. Otherwise, they would continually be negative, because no one would have taught them how to be kind, and not think down on others. Sometimes they just can't do it on their own.

  • Bullies should be treated and not punished

    Bullies should be treated and NOT punished, because if punished they are more likely to continue harming others in order to feel good with themselves. If we know this is likely to be true, therefore why do we punish bullies for their actions? Always remember that revenge is not the answer to deal with a bully.

  • A bully needs counseling.

    Sometimes it is hard to understand why a bully is so aggressive. It is especially difficult when you are the victim of bullying. There are multiple factors that cause a bully to push others around. There is usually a cause behind the behavior. It is like a thorn stuck underneath an elephants foot. The elephant may react very violently towards the pain caused by the thorn. But once the thorn has been removed, the elephant is relieved from the pain and no longer feels the need to act violently. A counselor can help locate and remove the thorn. The bully could be modeling his life at home or the friends he looks up too. A counselor can help a bully confront the problems he is holding onto and allow him to let them go. Aggressive behavior may also be the reaction of stress the bully has been under. Through counseling or other programs, a bully can discover the best way for him to release his stress in a way that is acceptable in society. Punishing the bully by treating him the way he has treated others and "teaching him a lesson in respect" is not the best way. These solutions are the type of things that lead the bully to be aggressive in the first place. The bully must know that his actions are not acceptable, but that he will be helped instead of punished. Punishment is an attempt to scare the bully out of being a jerk. That sometimes encourages the bully to fight back and rebel. So what good did the punishment do? "Be the change you want to see in the world" is a quote by Ghandi. You cant put out a fire with more fire. Instead of feeding your ego with the satisfaction of punishing the brat, make the world a better place by encouraging a real solution to bullying. Give the bully a chance even though he didnt give others a chance. Give him the help he deserves because it is his right. See past the immaturity of his actions and lead him towards greatness instead of guilt and fear(which are the causes of bullying).

  • No, what about there lives

    People, who have been bullied have a point.
    But the bullies need a second chance if they have trying to just be nice then get expelled for no reason. They might think the people like the name, and that there just best friends playing around.

  • They have to pay too much money.

    If a family had childeren to feed, then the fine should not be expensive. The parents might have only a few hundred dollahs, this means that if a bully from their family is caught a bunch of times, then the family might not afford food. I dont know what to say next.

  • Bullies need help not punishment

    Ok so they have done something wrong but studies show that bullies are likely to have experienced violence at home. This means that the either think it is ok do this or just can't control their feelings. Studies also show that bullies are also likely to feel left out so they take their anger out on others. Its not ok i agree, but they need counselling and help. In the end, bullies are also victims.

  • Bullying should not be punished.

    Kids need to learn that when they encounter difficulties they won't always have a 'safety net' in the form of a teacher or other authority when they grow up. The sooner they get used to it, the better. When they are adults and someone hurts them, who are they going to go to? The police? The police won't care, they will have other things to deal with. The sooner the cold, hard truth is revealed to children, the better.

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banalcohol12 says2017-11-15T18:05:49.387
I agree and disagree. I have been bullied multiple times and im only in 6th grade and when they bully me i feel like bullying back but see i thought bad about them and i get angry sometime i make bad choices sometimes t word bullies. And i regret it but when was the last time you bullied someone?