• The problem of bullying does not seem to be going away.

    Harsher punishments like punishing them in public need to be a reality for every bully so they understand that bullying is not a game. Real people are hurt and suffering physically and emotionally. If punishing them in public were in place the bullying could be stopped before it even started. I know first hand that schools are starting programs in elementary school to teach about the effects of bullying, but unfortunately a trip to the office and no recess or being isolated during lunch is just not enough to stop the problem. Children seem to have short attention spans and need to be reminded every day that bullying is wrong but the fact is they aren't told everyday. This is why to wake up call has to come in the form of punishing in public.

  • The purpose of punishment is to make it known to the public to discourage others from committing the offense.

    Punishing someone in secret fails to achieve it goal - to prevent an offense from happening by showing to possible wrongdoers the outcome. Instead, it inflicts the suffering of punishment on the offender without actually allowing them to be an example.

    In the case of bullying, this is especially true. In order to create an atmosphere that bullying will not be tolerated, disciplining people in secret achieves nothing - in fact, it serves to fester bullying by allegedly showing to those who are unaware of the punishment that one can get away with it.

  • Public punishment minimizes gossiping and false information.

    Bullies should not be a role model to young children. They might influence children to do the wrong things. Hence, bullies should be punished publicly to emphasize the severity of the consequences and also as a warning to never follow their foolish actions.
    Compared to private punishment, a public punishment is more embarrassing. Nobody likes to be in an embarrassing situation, thus the bully would stop his/her actions.

  • Public punishment is also a different way of bully

    Public punishment do have the effectiveness but it will,from the perspective of psychology, a kind of bully,to the one who bullying other.We should seek another scientific way to vent the biased mental of them,but no think in the perspective to maximize the utility ,or awareness of public toward bully,by public punishment.The people who bully other actually the victim of bully indirectly due to lack of healthy mental development which i would like to categorise as the social bully.I believe,with the advance of psychology,we, able to solved the problem in more civilised manner.

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