Should bullies stop at school or somewhere else?

Asked by: mariann
  • It hurts people

    Yes they should stop it because it hurts people's feeling and some people get really depressed and they try to kill them selfs and that is not right and the people that bully them should go to jail for that and some people say no it's fine but really it's not

  • Yes, bullying should stop at school, but intervention may be needed, too.

    Bullying should stop at school; teachers should intervene to stop bullies when they see something happen, or children report it. However, in extreme cases, it may be important for schools to look into a home situation and find out more about why the bullying is taking place. A child who is being a bully may be getting bullied themselves, or otherwise be in a home situation that is not ideal.

  • Mostly Somewhere Else...

    Bullying at can be handled at school by teachers and adults but can't be handled in public because the victim has no protection! I hope that someone comes along and makes something new that can contact help Immediately. This will help the students/people that are getting troubled by bullies! One more thing, bullying should be stop by 2016 because people are killing themselves because of cyberbullying!

  • Depends on the term bullying

    If they are constantly harassed and teased at school to the point they don't want to go anymore then that is definitely something that should be brought to the Principals attention. But if by bullying you mean just simply teasing here and there and it doesn't really bother the student then no I don't see the issue. Yes we should still be alert just in case but it shouldn't be something blown out of proportion

  • Its very hurtful

    Every year a child its suffering of bully is very hurtful to the victims the adults did not seem the effects of it it could cause disabilities to the victim and emotional issues and it could cause thoughts to the victims about killing themselves it must stop i suffer of bullying as a child but i put a stop at it i stand up for myself as many children should do they have to tell an adult and tell them what they are benn suffering at their school or somewhere else.

  • In Principle Yes, but...

    What do we mean by bullying? Bullying has to be distinguished from merely teasing. Friends tease each other. Sometimes people may feel bullied when the intention is just teasing. In that case the misunderstanding could be explained. Aside from that bullying will never stop anymore than anything else bad will ever stop. But it can be mitigated. Not only should there be anti-bullying efforts but we should also help teach students not to let bullying get to them and about their legal rights against bullying i.E. Lawsuits as well as pointing out the simple fact that laws don't end at the schoolhouse door. Assault and battery is assault and battery even if it happens at school and if you have witnesses you can turn that s.O.B. Into the police. Kids should know this at a young age and we should make it explicit that if you are bullying someone and someone takes a picture of you your privacy rights are not protected and that picture can be used in a court of law.

  • I thinks it just kids being kids

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natz says2013-12-05T10:29:10.037
Bullying is a huge problem worldwide. That is why parents, cannot stick our heads in the sand when it comes to bullying. We cannot live in denial in the hope that it will not happen to our child. We need to arm ourselves with strategies to educate our children from the youngest age and helping them to learn and grow and to feel confident about themselves, coming out of these situations is the key. Bad things will happen. It's a part of life and sometimes all you can do is be present for them. However bullying is another matter that should not be tolerated. For further knowledge on how you can protect your children. You can visit this link: : http://www.SafeKidZone.Com/