• People are too sensitive

    When I was growing up when someone said something offensive to me id just laugh because it was either true or just funny maybe I'm weird but as soon as one person says something out of pocket the whole world tries to get rid of them to me that's messed up.

  • Yeah it should

    Maybe it’ll make people worry more about how to deal with people than worry about if they’re born in the wrong gender. If they’re born in the wrong gender and they’re more worried about a fat kid beating them up, That’ll get them to snap out of their gender dysphoria

  • Yes It should

    More bullying will toughen up the snowflakes in this world every body these days are so concerned with bullying that it is making others weak and a weak society as a whole Not only that but a weak society will only carry on to another society as well after this one.

  • It depends on how you define bullying.

    People should be made aware that words, As ideas more generally, Hold power over them only to the extent that they allow. Only harm which a person cannot possibly prevent--physical (in the lay sense; I know that soundwaves exist), Namely--is true. Should this kind of bullying be practiced in modern society? Of course not! But I find this question's tone to imply the pop-culture definition of bullying: three kids, One in a white shirt (for some reason), Mocking another kid. That should be encouraged, Because it builds resilience, Teaches people that the real world is absurd and uncaring--while providing an avenue for personal growth despite that (cue Camus), And prevents the ascension of stupidity, Much of which we see today. Woko Haram would be disbanded in a week if bullying were more acceptable.

  • What the hell sort of argument is this? Bullying still exists and is still a problem.

    Bullying is already an issue, While not as big nowadays, It surely still exists. Bullying does not "toughen up" someone. It is a slow and painful cycle of torture that bullied children have to go through every day whilst at school. Bullying is a serious problem needs to be stopped. Have you ever been publicly humiliated in front of all of your peers by someone? Have you ever been robbed, Beaten up or attacked by someone? Have you ever been told to kill yourself by someone, While they were looking at you in the face when saying it? Have you ever felt the dread of knowing what happens to you once you go through the school doors, And into the halls? Maybe I'm too much of a snowflake to understand this, But bullying is a problem that millions of children, Many of whom are under 10, Face every day.

  • Why should it be brought back?

    Bullying still exists. And why support it? Bullying can lead to suicide. If a kid is having trouble at home, The last thing they need is trouble at school. Nobody deserves to be picked on for their likes/interests/sexuality/gender/looks, And that is why bullying needs to be stopped. So many kids are already miserable with the amount of coursework they have, They don't need the stress of bullying added on to that.

  • Bullying is a greater problem than most people realize.

    The prompt is misinformative. Bullying still exists. In fact, It's more rampant than ever. With the introduction of the Internet and more exposure to social media, Bullying has more fuel to keep burning. Yes, Bullying SHOULD stop. However, Saying this is nothing more than being idealistic.

    Bullying is a greater problem than most people realize. In fact, Among teenagers, The 2nd leading cause of death is suicide (more teens die from suicide each year than from homicides). In fact, The percentage of depression and anxiety in kids aged 6 to 17 has nearly doubled from 2007 to 2012, From 5. 4 to 8. 4 percent. This is not a problem that you can shrug off. In fact, One in five students have been reported to been bullied (this figure is probably higher due to people being too embarrassed to share their experience).

    And what's with the edgy saying "man up"? People seem to think bullying is mostly a bunch of jeering and simple one-liners, Like "you're ugly", But this is not the primary reason bullying is a huge problem. To be a bully is to take a magnifying glass, Peer into a person's insecurities and vulnerabilities, And fault them for it: repeatedly. To be a bully is to relentlessly, And consciously, Say hurtful things about a person's living situation (maybe their parents can't get food on the table), A person's social situation (maybe they have high-functioning autism and can't make any friends), Or something about their physical appearance (a girl who can't lose weight despite trying).

    Yes, It's beneficial to stop being so melodramatic in today's society, To use our logical minds once in a while to stop, Think, And process information before acting. But normalizing bullying isn't it.

  • No definatley not!

    Sorry but bullying of all types is wrong. I know there are some that say that only physical bullying is bullying and that everything else (such as insults) is somehow ok. . . . . Its not!
    Physical bullying can lead to obvious symptoms such as pain and injury, Not to mention the fact that it IS actually assault and technically illegal.
    Even "just" teasing can (if prolonged) seriously effect someone's state of mind. This breeds feelings such as fear, Lack of confidence and trauma. The worst part is that the victim often feels that they can't be who they really are. This leads to severe depression and sometimes suicide. In some cases they may never recover and (like victims of rape etc) have scaring for life.

  • You can't be serious.

    Why would we purposely encourage kids to hurt and insult others? This wouldn't help with anything. It doesn't make people tougher; it tortures them! This would be cruel and and awful. Bullying just hurts people. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" is not the truth. And "bringing back" bullying is the opposite of helpful.

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