Should bullying be taken more seriously than it is?

Asked by: heyitsmehaley
  • It is ridiculous

    Yes it should very much. Bullying should be at least expulsion or as much as arrest. Some schools are sitting around not doing anything too stop it. It is ridiculous and I am tired of it. There should be more assembly's, more talk, bigger punishments, it needs to stop. Look at all the suicides. Bullying is not okay. And to a lot of people that does not get into there stupid brain. If a school does not take care of it the first time they see or someone reports it. They should be shut down, the school should get a huge fine, and so do the stupid principle or teacher, plus get fired, and their teachers license taken away. Come on America, stop bullying.

  • We need to be more serious.

    Bullying is not taken seriously enough to where it will stop. It is possible to stop bullying if we make it a priority. We advertise it as though we will not tollerate it. But we do. We need to take action if we plan on stopping bullying soon. We can do it.

  • Yes it Should

    Honestly, I worry about the humanity of anyone who votes "no" on this. Bullying drives kids to SUICIDE! What about that says it *shouldn't* be taken seriously? "Ignore it" is an outright lie. Ignoring it doesn't work... In fact, ignoring it usually makes the situation worse. Yes, bullies want to get a rise out of you. Ignoring them won't make them stop; it'll just make them more determined to attack you until they get that rise.

  • Bullying, there is no reason for it.

    Bullying is a way to harm people. It doesn't matter if it's person to person, or over technology. It hurts ones feelings and it is a way to be evil. Being a bully does not achieve anything good to the bully or the victim. Even though there are programs that stop bullying, there are still young kids who are victims to this crime. Yes a crime. If a bully talks bad about someone, and this someone commits suicide, it should be blamed to all those who were accomplices to make this person take their own life. Causing a death because someone just had to be mean to an innocent kid or just for the fun of it. Sometimes one doesn't know bullying is occurring near their society, but it is. Most of us can't see it. That is why bullying should be taken more seriously. It could slip right under our noses, and a fellow friend could be gone.

  • Innocent don't deserve

    Bullying involves a victim, this victim- in most cases is innocent and at the recieving end of verbal, or physical abuse. This should not be tolerated and at the moment I believe that it is dealt with lightly especially in institutes such as schools, and colleges. We need to do something about the innocent, often children.. Somehow, we need to work out a way to ensure the safety of our children- the first step to figuring it out is admitting we NEED a solution.

  • Bullying has a cause!

    Bullying should be taken more seriously on the basis that they lack empathy or the repercussions of their actions on themselves as well as other people. Most bullies come from parents who don't care responsibly for their child (neglect, mental/physical abuse, and so on.) Recognizing this fact we can begin to dismantle why bullies bully instead of just suspending them and treating the symptom.

  • It inflicts severe mental trauma than we think of.

    Bullying often is considered a source of fun for few people. Most of them, being naive, wouldn't understand the deep impact it can cause on mental state of the affected. We need to put out a clear-cut message that just for fun we can not play with people's mental state.

  • Sticks And Stones May Break Their Bones But Words Will Hurt Them Psychologically.

    Yes, it is true that words and insults cannot cause any physical harm to children but does that mean it would not hurt them at all? Psychologically, children can still be affected and that in some ways may be more dangerous than physical harm. What children hear from young will stay in their minds. Whether they are conscious of it or not, it does affect how they behave. For example, if children are constantly told they are ugly, they would not be confident about themselves and may be socially shy because of how they think they look to everyone else. If they are told they are useless, they will grow up thinking they are worthless and will amount to nothing and this will affect the way they act and think. If people keep hurling insults at these kids, they might feel that they are not loved or wanted and it can lead to depression and this may lead to suicidal behaviour. A little thing goes a long a way. So yes, words cannot break their bones but words can break them emotionally.

  • Yes it should

    Bullying should be taken more seriously on the basis that they lack empathy or the repercussions of their actions on themselves as well as other people. Many people die from suicide and it is a very big deal that needs to be addressed and taken more seriously and have a greater consequence.

  • It's gone TOO far.

    Bullying , it can happen to anyone and it has very serious consequences. Same with cyberbullying. I will take two cases for an example. The tragic case of the suicide of Amanda Todd [1996-2012]

    Amanda Todd was just in grade seven when she was using webcams to chat with people, and she would often get compliments on her looks. One person [who was a new type of Pedophile bassicaly] convinced her to bare her breasts on camera. Amanda was probably just maybe 10, 11, 12 or 13 at the time. Then she was blackmailed, being threatened to post the image on the internet if she didn't give him a "show". Todd wrote that during the Christmas 2010 break, police informed her at 4:00 a.M. That the photo was circulating on the Internet. She experienced Anxiety, Depression, and Panic attacks from being sexually exploited on the internet and being cyber bullied. A year later, the individual reappeared, creating a Facebook profile which used the topless photograph as the profile image, and contacting classmates at her new school.

    She started to be bullied at this time. She had to change schools for the second time. In fact, one time she was confronted viciously, being punched, kicked and beaten up and left in a ditch until he father found her. Following the attack, she tried to commit suicide by drinking bleach, but was rushed to the hospital and had her stomach pumped. After returning home, Todd discovered abusive messages about her failed suicide attempt posted to Facebook. Her family moved to try to escape, but the bullying kept on following her- including the guy who made the facebook page with the topless photograph- he would say he was a student wanting to make friends and such, and after to a point, he would send the picture of Amanda's topless photo and send it to everyone. There is this video on youtube that shows Amanda using note cards to tell her story- and you can still find and view it.

    This caused more bullying and Amanda's mental state worsened. She started cutting. Despite taking her prescribed anti-depressants and receiving counseling, she overdosed and was hospitalized for two days. Todd was taunted by other students at her school for her low grades, a consequence of a language-based learning disability, and for the time she spent in hospital to treat her severe depression. She wanted this all to stop but it was too late. On October 10, 2012, at about 6:00 PM (PDT), Todd was found dead at her home. What's sad about Amanda's case is it wasn't taken seriously until after her suicide.

  • The word bullying is overused these days.

    When people want to make an impact they use the word bullying. But in the old days a lot of what we call bullying now was simply called teasing. A certain amount of teasing is actually very beneficial for children as they are growing up. It teaches the essential life skills such as conflict management and how to deal with someone who does not like you. If adults keep jumping in and stopping it, instead of letting kids try to learn how to stop it themselves, we will have a very poor future generation of adults.

  • It is already.

    Have you ever been to a middle school? All they talk about is bullying and posters are all over the wall about bullies. People say "It causes more harm than you may think" but we do think because people already take it VERY seriously. Maybe in some schools it could be bigger, but in mine it was pretty huge.

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MasturDbtor says2013-04-09T06:00:28.100
This one's tricky. I remember as a kid I was rather sensitive to insults but at the same time I remember I also was trying not to be but then my parents said things that were consistent with the idea that I ought to be sensitive to the insults even while telling me to be confident and not to care. Maybe we should take bullying more seriously, but society should take a closer look at the sorts of things we teach kids are important (and without noticing at times) and how that sets the grounds for the kid to get emotionally hurt by the insult. For example what if society sent the message that the idea of "ugly" was a false one and people who believed in it were being as dumb and primitive as old societies that believed in witchcraft, would getting called ugly make any difference then?