Should bullying in high schools, grade schools and middle schools be illegal?

  • Make bullying punished corporally

    In front of a live audience to demonstrate what happens to people who do it. And also make the victims be the one to carry it out against the bully. This will give them the notion of what it feels like, and at x10 for maximum effect. Plus, given this idea, the world may finally be free from it.

  • I've Been Bullied

    From 2nd grade up until 10th grade I was being bullied, and picked on by the teachers I am now 20 years old and have not been bullied since then it does end eventually. I am proud to say that it has finally stopped because if it didnt I have no idea what would have happened or where I would be today

  • Yes it should be illegal.

    To many kids each day are pushed around, called names, and made fun of. This is not a joking matter! If people want to be mean or maybe even physically aggressive toward others, then i believe those people need to be prepared for the consequence that comes along with it. You don't shouldn't just be let off the hook for it. Children today are killing themselves because of bullying. It needs to stop! -Chris. 8'th Grade

  • Bullying causes suicide

    Ok, for starters a lot of children suicide for being bullied and yet that is NOT enough for some people to make it illegal? Plus so many schools are against it. I just don't understand why they don't make it illegal. I mean, bullying someone so much that they suicide is pretty much assisted suicide.

  • By all means.

    I study Law at college (UK) and I learned quite earlly into the course that in the UK it is against the law to cause someone to "apprehend immediate unlawful violence", i.e. to intimidate someone. Why and how this doesn't cover bullying I can't comprehend. Thousands of people have been bullied in the past, we need to DO something!

  • Yes yes yes

    Because too many teens are dying from bulling and families are loosing their beloved children! Bully are just a pain in the butt! They are only trying to bring attention to themsleves and no one else! If your not cool then expect to be bullied! Its sad they have to bully to get some attention!

  • Suicide and Self-Harm

    Because of bullying self-harm and suicide rates are continuing to increase. Lives are being lost and ruined because of bullying. Depression and eating disorders start. No one deserves the pain they are feeling and they pain they get. They did nothing to deserve it. All they need is love and hope.

  • Children deserve to be educated in a safe environment, unfortunately my child doesn't have that luxury!!

    My son is 15 and is currently in S4, he has been bullied since he was in primary 5 by various children. He has Sturge-Weber Syndrome and learning difficulties, this makes him vulnerable. At the end of his 3rd year at secondary school, a boy who enjoys taunting him punched him so hard in the face that it caused swelling on my sons brain and a stroke. The boy who hit my child was excluded from school for two days. Our fight is still with the school (the only secondary school on our island) as he is still being taunted by this boy. The school can only show me the paper on which they have their anti-bullying policy and they can speak to the disruptive child if there is proof. In the interim, is my child going to be assaulted again and what is the long term affect going to be? What if next time he ends up in a wheel chair or worse? If bullying were illegal the schools and the parents would have more to support them in securing a safe environment for the children.

  • Its the definition of evil

    Bullying has a disastrous consequences for student grades, and has long term effects on the students future and ability to learn, bully's should at the very least be permanently excluded from school, but most of all bullying kills, people, children have committed suicide, that is how damaging its is, we must do something to put a stop to this evil behavior from sadistic monsters AKA bullies.
    Its damaging the students ability to get good grades which decreases their ability to get a job which in turn damages the economy!

  • Please Stop bullying

    Bullying should be illegal because it causes kids to feel unsafe at school. They become depressed and they will feel all alone, they will start having bad issues. Moreover, it sometimes leads to suicide attempts. 44% of children suicides are caused of bullying. Words hurt more than people realize. Please stop bullying.

  • Bullying is horrendous

    But it is a family issue not a legal issue. Kids who bully are just that - KIDS. Their aggressive tendencies have more to do with poor parenting than with criminal leanings. It is parents who are bullies that can often teach their kids how to be great bullies. Teach the parents and the kids will learn.

  • Middle and High Schoolers are Not Adults

    People who go to high school and middle school are still not necessarily adults in the eyes of the law. I think that it is irrational to make bullying in these classes illegal. By making it illegal, we would be avoiding the root of the problem by "banning it." Instead, we should focus on smaller class sizes, more teachers, and building a more supportive community.

  • Bullying has taken on too broad of a meaning

    The word bullying used to apply to the kid on the school yard that beat you up for lunch money. Now, any name calling, or sarcastic remark can land someone the label of a bully. A certain amount of bullying, or at least friendly chiding, is good the a kid's future. If you can't overcome easy adversity in school, you're unprepared for real life.

  • Children s bring up

    As it's not always the child's fault on becoming a bully it's normally their parents fault on how they have been brought up. So if you were being abused at home you'd think it's the right thing to do as you get older you'll act more but will eventually get to know what is the right thing to do and what is the wrong thing to do. So it's not their fault!!!!

  • Making criminals out of kids that need help.

    There are many states that are outlawing bullying as a whole. This act is making the situation worse by raising a nation of “wimps”. This process will make criminals out of kids who bully others as an outlet to gain power, where at home they might be beaten or abused. Kids who bully are just children who need to feel in power because there is something in their lives that is taking it from them. The school systems should be more supportive of students that need help, instead of reprimanding them by law, they might just need counseling or just to talk to someone that can help.

  • Raising A Nation of Wimps

    Sweeping legislation won't fix this problem, it will turn ignorant children into criminals. Furthermore it will perpetuate an even more over-the-top response from the bullies. Violence in schools happens because bulling victims have no outlet. My generation settled things with their fists at the bike rack after school. Nobody died.

  • Schools should suspend bullies, not put them behind bars with criminals.

    It should not be illegal because it could possibly lead to worse behavior. Personally, I'm a victim of bullying myself, and the situation was handled. This is they way it should be. Schools should be inclined to Suspend bullies, but not have it be a federal offence. What if they were put in a cell with a kid who committed murder? Would that worsen or improve their already sick behavior?

  • Yes Or No?

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  • Bullying should not be illegal

    It should not be illiegal but it should be fround apon and there sould be a suitable punishment for the bully. If bulling would be illegal there would be alot of tention in school. People could be teasing some one and the person takes it the wronge way, and tells some one they are getting bullied. Then thay could be arested for doing nothing.

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