• What is it's practical use?

    12 bump fire stocks were found at the scene of the Las Vegas shooting. Bump fire enabled Stephen Paddock to fire his 14 AR-15 rifles and eight AR-10 rifles at a rate similar to a full automatic weapon. Because of bump fire stocks, Paddock sprayed approximately 500 people with gunfire. With bump fire stocks, semi-automatic rifles can mimic the firing rate of fully automatic rifles: 400-800 rounds per minute. And it's not just rifles, but bump fire can also be used on pistols. The last thing we need is a fully automatic handgun. At the moment, bump fire stocks are legal in 45 states. That needs to change.

  • It allows semi automatic to become automatic

    If you are a terrorist, you would go to amazon right now and buy a bump sock for your gun that fires 950 JBJ rounds, so that you can wreck havoc among every city in the US. THis would allow you to fire 60 950JBJ rounds per second, and JBJ rounds are bigger than my fist

  • Why improve guns that have faster fire-rates?

    Low fire-rate guns are somewhat acceptable, (personally I believe people have the rights to guns) but I do not believe that we should be improving these guns to the point that they are able to harm massive amounts of people. Guns are only necessary in self defense and hunting, neither need to have fast firerates.

  • Don't need it.

    It's not a gun so does not fall under the 2nd amendment.
    If you really want to increase your fire speed with a semi-automatic, just train yourself to pull the trigger faster.
    If you live in a state that has special permits, you could just fill out the forms and get a full auto. If not, you could attempt to get a collectors permit. Thing is, these are only available under limited conditions. Another option is to get the ban on full auto guns lifted but I doubt you will have much luck. Odds are, if you a person that really wants them, your the same type of person that shouldn't be around guns in the first place.

  • No, it is infringing our rights.

    Why should we give up the only substitute we have for fully automatic weapons after you forced us to give that up in the 80's after the San Ysidro shooting where semi-automatic guns were used. And now they are making proposals to ban bump-stocks only after the Parkland Shooting where semi-automatic weapons were used? You had your chance after Las Vegas Trump, but we don't need you to start making proposals now. I am sad that the state I grew up in banned them less than a week ago in Washington. Good thing I live in Alaska, though.

  • Second Amendment Rights

    A bump stock would not have stopped the massacre that occurred at Vegas or any other mass shooting. All the ban on a bump stock would do is provide a gateway to more gun banning agenda's. The facts are, that if you really want a bump stock that badly you can just make one and why not apply the same logic to scopes? Because apparently anything that increases a weapons effectiveness is considered not constitutional and is subject to banning. This is a pointless argument and just flat out goes against the second amendment and leads to greater gun control when there are many other factors that lead to gun violence and many other solutions to end it.

  • Keep them for all!

    Because guns are fun and all deserve them. We need guns to protect ourselves. Life is great so shoot more guns with bump stocks. I l o v e g u n s ! They are the bestest thing ever. We need more guns to protect us from these terrorist.

  • No to bans

    Unelected bureaucrats shouldn't make rules that are enforced as laws. This is what is about to happen. If the congress want to enact a new law let them legislate it thru the process.
    They can't or won't . They are afraid to put their mark on any type of legislation that is conterversal. The deaf of a machine gun has already been extablished. Change it if the can agree on it.

  • Its so Unconstitutional

    Banning them would do nothing. You don't even need to have a bump stock to do that. It can easily be done from the hip, or you can just make one with a wooden plank and 3 screws. When people say "Don't need it" and "has no practical purpose" that doesn't matter. Just because you don't need it doesn't mean they should outright ban it.

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