• Yes they should

    Delivery would be beneficial to the restaurant and they probably would make more money because it would make alot of customers happy that they have a delivery options and it also good to be different from other fast food restaurant too because it all about making the customer happy and being beneficial to their selves

  • Yes why not.

    They should most certainly have the option and the right to deliver if they believe it will help business. How can you tell the company they cannot deliver food? Sounds a bit asinine. It is another way to make money. Pizza is not all that healthy and is delivered all the time. What's fair is fair.

  • Considering that obesity is supposedly fought by fast food companies.....

    Considering that obesity is supposedly fought by fast food companies, it is hypocritical to allow delivery. "Can you come in and put that on the coffee table, I can't roll off the couch." Humans are naturally lazy and want to do the least to get the most. Personally I don't agree, but I want to hear your opinions.

  • They are not that good

    Listen, the purpose of fast food is not for the gourmet cuisine dining experience. It's for grabbing a sack of crap that sometimes tastes decent and is really cheap and fast so you're not late to work. Honestly, people just just bring a bagel or something, but fast food, and especially Burger King, is something of a disgrace to food in general. The culinary expertise of Burger King is equivocal to a five year old boy making mud pies. Delivery would be a failed system (it would waste more money than it would make), and the people that would use the system would receive less benefits than the average citizen of North Korea.

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