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  • A matter of detail

    I think an important defining idea is that the burqa is in fact NOT Islamic (Dr Manea) - i do not have a problem with the hijab (headscarves), But a full body covering is oppressive. That being said, I do not support a complete ban; in areas of security such as court, Parliament, Airports etc. Yes, They should not be allowed - but if you want to take your child to the park wearing a burqa that is your right to do so. The government does not have a right to tell an individual what they can wear in their free time.

  • Burkas should be banned.

    I believe that Burkas should be banned in all public places expect for when on religious grounds. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone in a large mass group setting. With all recent events that tragically keep happening, An identity of an individual is so very important. This has nothing to do with what they believe in or their religious practices, But instead, The concern for others. Think about it in reversed roles - if men were to be allowed to hide their identity and walk around public places with hundreds of people. . . That’s scary and I personally don’t want that as we know what men are capable of.

  • Obviously it should

    Sri Lankan Easter Bombings 2019 carried out by ISIL and two local/international Muslim extremist groups. Some women were involved! Back then, This Burqa, Niqab, Bushiyyah, Abaya, Etc. Nonsense wasnt around, But NOW, People look like walking curtains. Women SHOULD HAVE more freedom to wear more NORMAL clothes, Not stuff that makes you look like the grim reaper! If extremist religions DIDNT EXIST, Women can dress more "modern", Have MORE FREEDOM, And they can be more colourful!

  • Imagine a city with all woman with burkas

    Yes I do agree that is their choices to what they want to wear, However this is a religion which destroy local culture. Is sad to say that is a religion laws not a country law, Wearing a burkas doesn't make you holier or a better person. If this lets terrorist have the chance to attack the country using burkas, Don't try to defend the religion, Is the country fault which allow them to wear it

  • The Niqab should be banned

    Muslims moving to western countries should respect the law of the land and integrate into society rather than expect the society to make drastic changes for them. Islam doesn't even require women to cover their faces; therefore, Saying that it is in the name of Islam is a null and void argument.

  • Burkas are fine.

    They should be able to wear what they want to wear. This is coming from a 14 year old and whilst i read all the false commence about Muslims and the Burkas they are wearing i am fully disgusted. Just because what happened in 2001 your opinions have changed about Muslims, One mistake from a person in the nation doesn't make it the nations mistake.

  • Threatening headwear should not be worn

    The covering of one's head is acceptable. However, Covering of the face is a different matter. Unless the covering of the face is required by law, In a specific country, Then covering of the face is not acceptable, And should not be permitted in any public place. Covering of the face has long been viewed by many counties as threatening behaviour.

  • Why wear them in our country? Do we know whether it is male or female?

    When in their country we respect their views on the way the like women to dress, But this is our country are they should not wear it. When i see someone with the burka on, I am alarmed as I do not know if it male or female. For all we know it could be a suicide bomber!
    YES, It should be banned.

  • Its a privilege

    Why should people be able to go into public places with their face covered when if anyone not religious done it they'd be arrested for suspicion. I get it's for religion but there needs to be a restriction for where/when you can wear one. Like you wouldn't see people walking about streets with a balaclava on but in a field on a cold windy day that's acceptable. Same should apply for burkas. Religious places/times only.

  • No they are religious.

    I believe Burkas should not be banned as they are an ancient religious Religious custom that has been practiced for thousands of years. To ban them would be to infringe upon the religious rights of millions of people, plus there is no real foreseeable reason they should be banned as they do not cause any harm to anyone.

  • People should allowed to wear what they want,

    Because it is a religon like any other religon, Not a crime organisation. A lot of people think theat the islamic religon is a teorist organisation, This is like saying that 1. 6 billion people are teorist. Who ever thinks that the burqa should be banned is a complete and utter NONCE.

  • I don't think they should be banned.

    I think one of the advantages of living in a secular country (contrary to what some people think, Secular does not mean anti religious) should be the ability to express ones religion or lack of religion. Its quite patronising towards Islamic women to assume that we know what all of them want, Its conceivable that at least some want to wear the burka. However i also think that it should be the right of a shopkeeper to refuse entry to a woman wearing a burka if they have a ban on face coverings, Just as a people wearing motorbike helmets are usually required to remove their helmet in most shops.

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    Its fine let it come on man its fine is fine its fine its fine its fine its its fine Lola its fine its religion it shouldn't be banned never never ever never ever ever like docent make sense like what is the worst thing that is going to happen.

  • Oppressive behaviour; you

    People claiming the garment as oppressive to back up a yes vote are hypocrites, Stop telling people how to dress. Its not fair or justified and i find it horrible that this is up for debate in this day in age, Open you mind and embrace the burka / Niqab

  • Taking every for point and breaking it down.

    Burkas are oppressive and there is no where in the Qur'an that says they should be worn. However regardless of why they originated people still wear them as a symbol of their religion and devotion to their said religion and not to promote sexism. For the comments regarding balaclavas being mirrored to burkas is unfair as balaclavas are associated with crime and robbery so maybe compare it with a hat and glasses which would be acceptable in a bank but still cover identity. Also a woman wearing a burka would still be questioned if they where being 'suspicious' which, Thanks to common stereotype is everywhere not just in banks. The terrorist idea is stereotyping a peaceful religion because of a couple of terrible people. Who needs to know if its a man or a woman anyway and even so there are other ways a person can look a different sex. At the end of the day it is up to the women who are doing no harm in society and although i see wearing burkhas in secure places may be different that is a different matter but that doesn't mean they should be banned everywhere and places of common society. All the for points made, As being shown here, Are easily breakable and an excuse to attack a religion without trying to look racist and far better points could have been made but the 'yes' voters obviously don't know the topic well enough to be making such obnoxious judgements.

  • I think its ridiculous we even have to question it

    Burqas are a item of clothing that women chose to wear we shouldn't judge or ban women from choosing to wear something expressing their culture. I find it quite cowardly that the people who have said yes have to explain their points more and are trying to persuade the Opposition its ridiculous.

  • They shouldn’t be banned

    We have the right to wear whatever we want. And the right to our own religion. We should let them wear what they like where they like when they like. It’s like if they banned jandals. I know it’s not exactly the same, But it’s what most of us in summer in New Zealand wear, And it wouldn’t be fair

  • It is a reflection of religion!! Not for people's comfort.

    I understand how people are saying that it is not stated in their religious texts or books that they are required to cover up, but I'm Christianity it does not state for individuals to cover themselves when entering into nunnery. Nuns cover themselves! So why is it different when individuals wear a burka. True it does not specify that they must wear it but it.Is.A.Choice. THEIR CHOICE not people who feel uncomfortable about their appearance. Not all people who follow Islam cover up, some don't, some do, exactly how people devoted to Christianity don't always cover up. It is a choice of religion and a choice of self faith. Don't make is political!!

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