• Burkas are fine.

    They should be able to wear what they want to wear. This is coming from a 14 year old and whilst i read all the false commence about Muslims and the Burkas they are wearing i am fully disgusted. Just because what happened in 2001 your opinions have changed about Muslims, One mistake from a person in the nation doesn't make it the nations mistake.

  • Threatening headwear should not be worn

    The covering of one's head is acceptable. However, Covering of the face is a different matter. Unless the covering of the face is required by law, In a specific country, Then covering of the face is not acceptable, And should not be permitted in any public place. Covering of the face has long been viewed by many counties as threatening behaviour.

  • Why wear them in our country? Do we know whether it is male or female?

    When in their country we respect their views on the way the like women to dress, But this is our country are they should not wear it. When i see someone with the burka on, I am alarmed as I do not know if it male or female. For all we know it could be a suicide bomber!
    YES, It should be banned.

  • Its a privilege

    Why should people be able to go into public places with their face covered when if anyone not religious done it they'd be arrested for suspicion. I get it's for religion but there needs to be a restriction for where/when you can wear one. Like you wouldn't see people walking about streets with a balaclava on but in a field on a cold windy day that's acceptable. Same should apply for burkas. Religious places/times only.

  • Is incompatible in Western society

    Firstly, The burqa is a tool of oppression and is used by husbands to dehumanise their wives as mere property to be commanded at any time. A woman cannot ever call herself 'liberated' if she wears a burqa. Secondly, I'd get arrested for wearing a balaclava in a bank so why should muslims get special license to do so? This underlies a bias and harms integration and national unity. Thirdly, Allowing the burqa says we give islam a special privilege and giving religion privilege often leads to state sanctioned persecution of religious minorities. Fourthly, Western people find it foreign to cover your face up and we find it a blatant disrespect of our customs and our norms.

  • Ban the burqa

    I personally find the burqa offensive and quite scary who knows what lies behind it
    The muslims who wear the burqa will never assimilate into Australian society because it is a barrier between them and the rest of the world
    I can see no reason why it should be allowed in a western country

  • Why are these women wearing burkas

    They are not necessary look around and see how many actually wear them, They do it to incite conflict, Even the Catholic faith have dropped the Habit for a softer look and are you allowed to wear a cross at your place of work? Why because it might offend and who is that I wonder?
    I’m fed up with bowing down to immigrants who expect us to bow down to them. The women in this country and other free speaking countries who were called suffragette gave their lives for us (women) to be free to vote but also have an equal status in this world. However, The burka is there to suppress if only they realised it and we in the free world are not going back there, So take your burkas back where you came from.

  • Yes they should.

    I’ve bewn bought up in a society that considers covering your face rude. It’s disrespectul in my opinion to talk to people and cover your face. I will however not say the same in their country as they will have been bought up in a different culture. Unfortunately, As much as they change all the time. I like this one

  • Not in the Koran

    If Muslims want to live here they should try to integrate not try to force their culture on Britain, I as a woman personally feel offended by woman wearing face covering. When I visited Islamic countries even on holiday I covered Arms, Wore long skirts and a hat. In the Koran it says woman should dress modestly, That is all. I feel full covering is adding to Islamophobia. Whether we like it or not many previously tolerant people are becoming more and more impatient at the seemingly pandering to Islam. Should we ban it certainly in schools and hospitals, Other places I don't know

  • Hiding ones face is not really an inviting greeting and disrespectful to those you meet.

    When you have been brought up to face your friends, Neighbor's and aggressors its a normal and polite way of life. Its an impolite attitude to do otherwise. Terrorists, Robbers and highwaymen throughout the years have done otherwise. What are they hiding from in Britain.
    If men started wearing them or even if everyone wanted to, What would this world come to, Of course all meeting on Facebook I suppose how else would you know anyone.

  • No they are religious.

    I believe Burkas should not be banned as they are an ancient religious Religious custom that has been practiced for thousands of years. To ban them would be to infringe upon the religious rights of millions of people, plus there is no real foreseeable reason they should be banned as they do not cause any harm to anyone.

  • Oppressive behaviour; you

    People claiming the garment as oppressive to back up a yes vote are hypocrites, Stop telling people how to dress. Its not fair or justified and i find it horrible that this is up for debate in this day in age, Open you mind and embrace the burka / Niqab

  • Taking every for point and breaking it down.

    Burkas are oppressive and there is no where in the Qur'an that says they should be worn. However regardless of why they originated people still wear them as a symbol of their religion and devotion to their said religion and not to promote sexism. For the comments regarding balaclavas being mirrored to burkas is unfair as balaclavas are associated with crime and robbery so maybe compare it with a hat and glasses which would be acceptable in a bank but still cover identity. Also a woman wearing a burka would still be questioned if they where being 'suspicious' which, Thanks to common stereotype is everywhere not just in banks. The terrorist idea is stereotyping a peaceful religion because of a couple of terrible people. Who needs to know if its a man or a woman anyway and even so there are other ways a person can look a different sex. At the end of the day it is up to the women who are doing no harm in society and although i see wearing burkhas in secure places may be different that is a different matter but that doesn't mean they should be banned everywhere and places of common society. All the for points made, As being shown here, Are easily breakable and an excuse to attack a religion without trying to look racist and far better points could have been made but the 'yes' voters obviously don't know the topic well enough to be making such obnoxious judgements.

  • I think its ridiculous we even have to question it

    Burqas are a item of clothing that women chose to wear we shouldn't judge or ban women from choosing to wear something expressing their culture. I find it quite cowardly that the people who have said yes have to explain their points more and are trying to persuade the Opposition its ridiculous.

  • They shouldn’t be banned

    We have the right to wear whatever we want. And the right to our own religion. We should let them wear what they like where they like when they like. It’s like if they banned jandals. I know it’s not exactly the same, But it’s what most of us in summer in New Zealand wear, And it wouldn’t be fair

  • It is a reflection of religion!! Not for people's comfort.

    I understand how people are saying that it is not stated in their religious texts or books that they are required to cover up, but I'm Christianity it does not state for individuals to cover themselves when entering into nunnery. Nuns cover themselves! So why is it different when individuals wear a burka. True it does not specify that they must wear it but it.Is.A.Choice. THEIR CHOICE not people who feel uncomfortable about their appearance. Not all people who follow Islam cover up, some don't, some do, exactly how people devoted to Christianity don't always cover up. It is a choice of religion and a choice of self faith. Don't make is political!!

  • Muslim women do have a choice

    Those who say that muslim women are oppressed by wearing the burqa or that its violating their own rights you're wrong. Muslim women make their own choice by wearing the burqa their not being forced. Why should other cultures like christians or jews wear their religious or cultural clothing, but muslim women cant wear a burqa? The whole 'their terrorist stuff is just bullshit' yes i know there are a lot of terrorist stuff going on but banning a persons right to wear their clothing is wrong. Knowing the difference between a terrorist with a mask and a muslim women wearing a niqab or burqa is quite obvious don't you think? Each person should have the opportunity to express their cultural identity in a free country, and not be regarded as a woman that is oppressed.

  • Go stuff yourself`!!!!!!

    Why is it when Jewish women and nuns are veiled they are seen as committed and FILLED WITH SPIRIT but when Muslim women wear hijab and burkas they are oppressed. Its true that some women might be influenced to wear the burka but most make the choice themselves, much like Christians choice to become nuns. Taking away the burka would be the same as taking away religious rights.

  • Would you like it if someone told you not to do something you want to do?

    Wearing religious clothing enables people to demonstrate their faith, individuality and originality. Being able to demonstrate ones faith is a basic right that everyone is entitled to without being discriminated, questioned or looked down upon, therefore to ban them would be an infringement upon the rights of millions. It is stated in the Core British Values that everyone has the right to practise their religion and identity freely be it in whatever way they wish to express it; they may express their identity through religious clothing thus by banning it would be stripping them of their identity and it would be going against what the Core British Values say.

  • BUrkas are terrible but:

    I think burkas are a horrible, they completely violate women’s right, but banning them would make ya no better, instead we should encourage to not use them by education.
    When I say burkas a terrible I in no way meen Muslims are terrible, I think Islam can be followed without undermining women

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