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  • Stop asking these kinds of questions

    The logic Richarda essentially uses here is "I am offended by this, therefore it must be banned." The thing is, free speech includes the right to offend, without it, we would not be able to criticize anything, including the government, something which is very, very dangerous, and inevitably leads to police states similar to Stalin's or Mao's. And since a cross, a religious symbol, is specified in this case, prohibiting the desecration of a religious symbol is a violation of the separation of Church and State, something also very valuable as it includes everyone of all beliefs or lack thereof.

    There are multiple reasons to burn a cross, most of which are rather obscure, but the main reason in this case is probably to denounce Christianity. Because of this, what this question is really asking is "Should it be illegal to offend Christians?". Richarda really needs to open his/her mind and try to view this from another perspective before displaying narrow minded opinions on free speech and religion, because not every person in existence is a Christian.

  • Yes, it must be prohibited

    I know that we have the First Amendment which protects freedom of speech. However, the the speech directly threatens specific race and ethnicity, then the speech should be regarded as an offense. Some might argue burning a cross is a religious ceremony; thus, it must not be prohibited because it violates the First Amendment. Well, I want to conclude that the First Amendment must only be allowed when it does not threatens others.

  • Say what you want.

    My logic is this:
    Christians believe Jesus is the only way to god/heaven. Therefore, they are offending me, since I am not a christian and thus according to them I will not go to heaven, and therefore they shouldn't be allowed to say that.
    This doesn't make any sense.
    You can say whatever you want!

  • Freedom of speech

    Freedom of speech. There is nothing technically wrong with burning a cross. Unless of course there is a fire ban or something like that. Or if you are doing it on someone's lawn as a threat. But if you want to make a wooden cross and light it on fire on your own land I don't see why you shouldn't be allowed to.

  • It shouldn't be banned if it is done at a private ceremony but it should be if it is used as a threat

    I think that many people misunderstand the argument concerning this issue- this is about the Ku Klux Klan's tradition of burning crosses, not about not wanting to offend Christians. The first amendment protects free speech regardless of how offensive or wrong it is. If the members of the KKK wish to burn a cross at a private ceremony as a part of their rituals, as long as I am not involved it really is none of my business. However, throughout history there has been a tradition of the KKK burning crosses in people's lawns who they opposed as a "warning sign of what the klan is planning to do to them" which is a threat of violence and deserves to be treated the same as a death or violence threat, not as free speech. This must be distinguished from when it is done privatley, however.

  • We have freedom to do anything everything we want. Just that it isn't against the law

    This isn't against any laws. We can burn crosses where ever that belongs to us. This will offend Christians, but didn't some of them also offend the other non-religious or other religion people? Is this is forbidden, then where did all the freedom go? A country must not protect only Chritianity.

  • To each his own practice.

    The practice of burning crosses, while wearing white dresses with pointy hoods is a practice I want to see people reject. It's a practice of intolerance, bigotry, and hatred. But burning crosses on your own lawn is stupid, but fine. You just can't burn it on my lawn. That's it.

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