Should burning the American flag be punishable by death?

  • Yes, it should.

    Burning the flag is essentially giving the US government and people the finger. It's spitting in the eye of veterans and all who love this country. While executing someone over this may seem a bit harsh, note that most other countries will do the same just for speaking against the government, let alone burning it's flag.
    I think, that for the sanctity of the flag and all it stands for, we should most definitely execute those who burn it.

  • Yes, it should.

    Those traitors who burn our flags our terrorists and the punishment should be death by hanging or firing squad. P.S. The founding fathers would have executed these traitors. This is an America nation, not a traitor's nation. All flag burners should be executed for treason. Death to the flag burners

  • Yes, It should

    Yes, of course they should make it a law . Burning the flag is like burning a person. Why give up something so easy that the people before us died to keep it standing. To burn it after all the hard work and sacrifices they made is the same as burning them.

  • Yes it should!

    For all the reasons previously stated. While there is the argument of freedom of speech....Actively burning something is not speaking, it is an act with violent intent and an assault. Rather than punishment by death, a placement program may suffice, such as a one way ticket to Afghanistan, Haiti or Somalia. Maybe then, the assailant will appreciate what they had here.

  • They definately should

    The people that are currently burning our great nations flag.. Protesting our future president ,, eyc... Are either people who DONT. Nelong here in the first place.Or. .Youngsters who are only doing it because their friends are,, or because they see public sports heros ( Colin Kapernik) didrespecting the flag... All of these idiots should feel fortunate and hbled thst they are living in this Great Country.. I say if you dont like it here... Get the **** out!

  • Yes it should

    The flag is more than just a piece of cloth its symbol of freedom, too many people have died for this piece of cloth and to many more people look up to it for hope and help. And if anyone says that it's your piece of property and you can do what you want with it then how would you feel if the government came in and burned your house down because it's their property.

  • No it shouldn't.

    We should spend our energy on restoring liberty/ Bill of Rights in this Country and stop worshiping symbols/ flags. Until we do this the flag means nothing. I would like to see this symbol get restored, but, it won't until we get back to the principles of liberty. Which requires the right knowledge and good character.

  • Shame on the Commies Who Would Prohibit Flag Burning

    The essence of freedom is being able to express yourself. Also, if a given flag is my property, I can do anything with it that I see fit. If you don't like the idea of free speech or private property, please go live it up in commie North Korea or Cuba where they criminalize both.

  • Freedom of speech

    Freedom of speech means protecting statements that you may not agree with. Most Americans aren't okay with burning a flag, but our desire to protect natural rights should outweigh our own personal prejudices. The flag is simply a piece of cloth that represents a country. America isn't found in a flag, its found in the people that make it up. Supporting the death penalty for this is nothing short of psychopathic and tyrannical.

  • How does the first justify the second?

    Why does the flag deserve respect? If it stands for liberty, the principle is not harmed in the least when the symbol is used as people see fit. If it stands for an abusive government, it deserves no veneration whatsoever in the first place. The government is not society, and its symbols do not represent the ideals of a peaceful society. Are all flags equally sacred, or is there something magical about the flag of the USA that makes it exceptional? If any flags are sacred, why are you making a symbol of a government into a religious icon?

    The traditional and rational standard of justice is that in order for there to be a crime, there must be a victim who has suffered a specific injury, and there must be another individual whose actions have caused the injury. When someone uses his own property in a manner you dislike, you need to show how that has done harm to your liberty, person or property before you can show that a crime has been committed. Hurt feelings are not themselves a basis for measuring injury. Further, when an actual crime has been committed, justice demands proportionate restitution or compensation. How is DEATH proportionate restitution for hurting your feelz?

    Appeals to belief, common practice, or authority do not constitute a rational argument. Insults, threats, and personal attacks against those with whom you disagree do not constitute refutation. Special pleading for government employees, residents of a specific geographic region, or the like are not sound arguments.

  • You don't own me!

    And you don't own my property. I will do what I wish with my property, including destruction of said property. As long as I don't hurt anyone (feelings don't count), then no crime has been committed. If I want to buy a piece of cloth with red and white stripes and a field of 50 stars on a blue background, then burn it, I will do so. If you try to stop me, you are in the very least a thief, and definitely no friend of liberty and freedom.

  • A flag is a piece of cloth

    There are far too many icons in this world that people are willing to kill for. Nothing is more sacred than life. Does the flag protect innocent people from being murdered by our government? Does the flag act as a tourniquet to stem the blood of a child who was attending a wedding party and was hit by a drone attack? Are you hiding behind that cloth and the delusion of "voting" instead of taking responsibility for the horrors you are supporting worldwide that are done in the name of that flag?

  • A flag is a piece of cloth.

    There are far too many icons in this world that people are willing to kill for. Nothing is more sacred than life. Does your flag justify the deaths of innocent people all over the world? Does your flag become a tourniquet for babies bleeding out after being bombed by a drone while attending a wedding?

  • Freedom of Speech

    Burning an American flag that you paid for does not infringe on the rights of others. Therefore it should not be illegal. It may be disrespectful, but the First Amendment gives us that right and it would be far more disrespectful to destroy that right than to destroy a symbol.

  • You are a religious extremist.

    When you hold an inanimate object in such sanctimonious reverence that you would have someone murdered for "desecrating" it - you are a religious extremist. A flag is a piece of fabric with a pattern of colors on it.

    Murdering someone for expressing an idea, how very patriotic and freedom loving of you.

  • How can we call ourselves a free nation?

    How can we call ourselves a free country if we are banning actions that do no harm to anyone. And especially proposing that we kill someone for it? I know some people think that the flag is some sacred artifact of our freedom. It's just a piece of cloth. And most are made in China.

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